Coke + Mentos Rocket Launcher!! (DIY Weapon)

  • Published on:  3/28/2018
  • We built a Rocket Launcher that shoots a Coke soda bottle fueled by Coke and Mentos!Riot Shield Paintball Battle! (Previous Video): us here on our Patreon: US ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA TO STAY UP TO DATE.Follow Jeff on Instagram: (@jeffufahh) Cam on Instagram: (@christopherryan98) Cam on Twitter:


  • Mr Jing
    Mr Jing a years ago+89

    Watched the old vid before, nice sequel

  • Mandy Stricker
    Mandy Stricker 5 months ago+4

    It needed a lonch pad becos to get lift off the coke had to lonch off the ground and the ground was to far like if you agree

  • Kashimean Playz
    Kashimean Playz 1 months ago+6

    I Liked Cam And Jeff Name Better

  • Ethan McDonald
    Ethan McDonald 1 months ago+5

    It's a railrocket launcher!!!! (: 😁

  • FaZe_doritos 12345678910
    FaZe_doritos 12345678910 1 months ago+6

    No bottles of coke were harmed during the process of making this vid

  • Samnit Singh
    Samnit Singh a years ago+20

    😊😊 Fantastic Work by you both. I am serious you are the best Youtubers. I like your videos.
    I like the word "Cokey" 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Terra Walter
    Terra Walter a years ago+2

    I laughed so hard when he missed the bottle so many times in a row

  • Shaun Mccloskey
    Shaun Mccloskey 21 days ago+3

    Put grease on a metal bars in those plastic hole's

  • Succ Master 56
    Succ Master 56 2 months ago+8

    I’m drinking cherry coke while I’m watching this
    Oh the irony

  • Lucas Ratliff
    Lucas Ratliff 3 months ago+4

    You should 100 packages of Mentos in a a 5-gallon water jug and do another machete video and get some new weapons like a axler like a sword

  • Jamie Daniells
    Jamie Daniells a years ago+141

    Woke up at 6am here in australia to watch you guys👍, Keep up the great work

  • xx_bluefire1035
    xx_bluefire1035 4 months ago+4

    make the RAILGUN ROCKET LAUNCHER umm wider

  • Diary of a Daredevil
    Diary of a Daredevil 1 months ago+2

    The rail shouldn't be as long, because the friction is too much when it is dragging on the rail. If it was shorter, you could probably knock out some windows. :)

  • Alexis C
    Alexis C 6 months ago+4

    0:01 you got mail

  • Galaxy Fire Gamer
    Galaxy Fire Gamer 1 months ago+1

    what would happen if the coke rocket broke a neighbors window XD

  • Alondra Cx
    Alondra Cx a years ago+154

    I realized your solution to complicated problems is to just throw things off the roof 😂😂

  • Jonathan TV
    Jonathan TV 6 months ago+1

    It won't work the mentos and coke will explode right when you put the mentos in so it'll just rise while in the bottle

  • Them smith boyz
    Them smith boyz 6 months ago+3

    The solution that you need is coryxkenshin
    He would slice that

  • Samuli Kuikka
    Samuli Kuikka 7 days ago+1

    I did a try not to laugh, I don’t think I succeeded...

  • EmberWindyhollow AJ
    EmberWindyhollow AJ 5 months ago+1

    3:56 I actually thought it was raining XD Also anyone else here when it’s now the Dangie Bros?