Picking Every NFL Week 4 Game Against The Spread with Warren Sharp | The Lefkoe Show

  • Published on:  9/26/2019
  • 33%, we're so glad you're here. Warren Sharp is back, and BOY OH BOY does he have some nuggets for you. He makes his Bills/Pats pick, he has some juicy takes on the Redskins/Giants over-under, and he's even diagnosed exactly why the Browns' playcalling has been so uninspired this year... but why that might be the very reason why they might be able to defeat the Ravens. He went 5-0 last week, but we're not bragging about that. Just keep coming back all season long, but only if you like making money! 💰💰💰

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    00:30 Warren Sharp had a very good week in Week 3
    2:45 What Warren is talking about today
    3:15 Sharp School: Breaking down strength of schedule
    5:30 Why the media is wrong about how they use strength of schedule in their statistics
    7:30 The Bills are suddenly playing a much tougher defense than they’ve seen
    9:25 Patriots facing toughest opposition on defense so far this season
    11:45 Is Freddie Kitchens listening to his OC too much?
    15:50 How do we make money off coaching trends?
    19:20 Bill Belichick is obsessed with their fullback Develin, and he’s injured
    24:45 The only coach who runs the same personnel packages as much as Belichick? Kyle Shanahan
    29:28 Look-ahead lines: When the line grew towards the favorite, the favorites were 4-9. When the lines shrank, the favorite was 3-2.
    31:03 Who are the teams who got juiced up as favorites?
    34:08 Road favorites: Chiefs started as 4.5 point favorites, moved to 6.5
    35:20 Chiefs are the worst run defense in the NFL
    36:30 Matt Patricia’s defense is going against the best offense in the NFL
    41:40 68% of public money is going toward the Chiefs
    43:13 Patriots line went from 6.5 to 7: How big of a deal is that movement?
    45:20 Kingsbury’s offense of 4 WRs and 1 RB is like puking on yourself
    49:05 The Seattle defense might not be as good as people think
    57:32 Bears went from 3 to 1.5 point favorites
    1:04:30 The Monday vs Sunday short week: Most teams have figured out their game plans by then
    1:05:48 Cowboys vs Saints preview
    1:06:15 Dallas getting 57% of public money.
    . 1:13:05 Lefkoe’s SuperContest picks
    1:19:05 Lefkoe calls Bill Krackomberger to make his SuperContest picks

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