First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!



  • Sam Foxley
    Sam Foxley 7 days ago+54

    There’s no sound when the window tint is done
    Just me?

  • Banksy
    Banksy 7 days ago+26

    This man snorts a line before every video

  • Quinn Uva
    Quinn Uva 7 days ago+118

    James: “This car needs an exhaust”
    James 5 seconds later: “it sounds good”
    Also #6 on trending!!! Amazing!!!
    Also the Tesla at 1:54, did it have a vanity plate that lets everyone know how much better they are than you?

  • ThePicturesAreAlive
    ThePicturesAreAlive 7 days ago+69

    I'm triggered! Summit Auto Lab not doing PPF and tint?

  • ExE Studios
    ExE Studios 7 days ago+535

    i remember when the gallardo was the only car he would get content from

  • SW King Bob
    SW King Bob 7 days ago+59

    No one:...
    Stradman: shuuushshh good morning everyone one welcome back to the channel

  • Ryan Hildreth
    Ryan Hildreth 7 days ago+18

    The Supra on the left with the doors going up is LEGIT🔥

  • Latif Rehan
    Latif Rehan 4 days ago+2

    Install supra rear wing . And rear widebody Fender . Then it looks,👌

  • Gspeed 35x
    Gspeed 35x 7 days ago+56

    “Tinting windows is a mod.” Dominic Toretto- Fast and Furious 11.

  • Mr. Aidangoplaylikeapro
    Mr. Aidangoplaylikeapro 7 days ago+515

    1 like = 1 Blessing for the little bird. R.I.P

  • Clearly Not Fadhil
    Clearly Not Fadhil 6 days ago+4

    Can't wait for the full supra build

  • Science Folding
    Science Folding 7 days ago+3

    I was just in Yellowstone (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming) i wish i coundnt have met you but i went back to calgary now😣😣

  • Minty
    Minty yesterday

    what i want on your car is new Wing or a single turbo

  • Dauntless
    Dauntless 6 days ago+2

    Damn, the audio go during wrap and prep? the copystrike demons take the music down??

    KADIN BUTTS 7 days ago+189


  • Mike NoLimits
    Mike NoLimits 6 days ago+1

    That reaction dude at 1:32 had me laughing for minutes hahah ✌🏼

  • carsonsusie
    carsonsusie 7 days ago+7

    Congratulations on trending. You’re a great YouTuber Stradman! 👍

  • Random World
    Random World 7 days ago+3

    That's a new subscriber! 👍

  • crospotter13
    crospotter13 yesterday

    Hey Stradman love your Supra! Speaking of the miles - there was a brand new Supra from Cyprus on Gumball 3000 where it covered more than 3000 miles just on the rally and problably just as much on the way home - would be interesting to see which one has more miles :D
    Cheers from Croatia man!

  • David Tellez
    David Tellez 7 days ago+155

    You better turn this supra 1,000hp+ to see if it compares to the old supra strength🚀