Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

  • Published on:  5/14/2019
  • So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤

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    Hey! My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a content creator, and I mostly play Fortnite and League of Legends, but I also love to dabble in other games, as well as some ASMR on my 2nd channel.

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  • Pokimane (May 14, 2019)

    Thank you all so much for watching <3 What else would you like to see me do in a future video? Let me know below!

  • Jed Renzo Amon (4 days ago)

    Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message

  • Srihari 123 (May 14, 2019)

    Starts at 6:401 like to pay

  • IGNITEDpotato124 (2 days ago)

    +Fortnite-king NO I DID IT FIRST

  • Fortnite-king (2 days ago)

    No i stole

  • LeDroux gaming (May 18, 2019)

    I love when you speak FRENCH

  • nono johanne (4 hours ago)

    LuckySnipeR Comment vas tu ?😊

  • CertiJunior. (5 hours ago)

    @Maths Pod kastte The Second Comment. @Juan Jaime’s.

  • Pokimane - Asian - 31%Thicc - 69%

  • Alex sweatyPants (3 hours ago)

    Is this myth

  • heyitselaa uWu (10 hours ago)

    Basketball- 100% (no homo) 😂

  • Hyper Spectrum (May 18, 2019)

    poki: am i adopted?poki’s parents: O_O she found out

  • Elle The best (1 day ago)

    1,000 Subscribers with no videos r/whoos

  • Hyper Spectrum (2 days ago)

    +1,000 Subscribers with no videos u good? its a joke

  • Plague Omen (4 days ago)

    %50 Myth’s DNAOther %50 otherMyth is actually her dad

  • Aryan Ali (20 hours ago)

    Plague Omen ur fucked no lie

  • KHAIRUL ISSEI (3 days ago)

    Thats what we called *PLOT TWIST*

  • Captain Abdi (May 15, 2019)

    James Charles just French kissed you —————-like to undo——————

  • themanhimself8 YT (4 days ago)

    Captain Abdi he french kissed me to undo what? Also he didn’t. I don’t even live in the same country

  • +Captain Abdi lol majerteen pirate

  • pizzalamasrica :v (6 days ago)

    Pokimane es :10%de asia5% de erupea50%de estados unidos35% de Myth

  • ITSNIPER 34 me no mucho español

  • +Shrek Donkey fuck you assh9le, speak spanish

  • I spent 3 houers to find Jarvis comment😂🤣

  • Twitch-yomar1215 (6 days ago)

    Poki: now that's a decent bech you know Myth:no shitzzzzzzz