Alix & Rie's Best Cookie Recipes • Tasty

  • Published on:  5/30/2019
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  • Luke 1 months ago

    Fans: please don't re-upload old videos, make something new!Tasty: *re-uploads video with Alix and Rie in it*Fans: *clicks video inmediately*

  • Kebab on hyvää 23 hours ago


  • itzisohpie 1 months ago

    Alix: it smells really bad don't smell it.Alix: *SmElLs*

  • Alix: *instant regret*

  • Law Ernest 5 days ago

    You are so mean to alix itzishohpie

  • Lia 1 months ago

    this is how many people like Alix and Rie in the tasty vids👇🏻

  • Lia 2 days ago

    Waleed manjaal lemme have this

  • Reegy Reegs 1 months ago

    No one:Absolutely nobody:literally no person:Rie, the cutest: Make it fancy! 🥰

  • lucas asmr 9 days ago

    @Trinity Rose why not

  • Trinity Rose 9 days ago

    @lucas asmr that's harsh. Hate is a strong word mane Why?

  • Alex Joan 1 months ago

    *Again. Dropped everything for these two 🤷‍♀️* story of my life

  • ZAYN&OneDirection 1 months ago

    One Direction!!!!!!!!!!! Memories.......

  • Alex Joan 1 months ago

    @A Person i've gone weak for Ralix.

  • Grace A 1 months ago

    Alix's vids are so cheerful And Rie's videos are so calm..Perfect combination 👌

  • pillar 43 a months ago

    yeah one has a huge rear end and the other is japanese perfect combination

  • 」 「K A I Y A 1 months ago

    Alix: makes fun things and mostly for kidsRie : makes fancy and unique thingsMe: makes a mess and gets everything burntLol

  • Zìrråh_Büg 5 days ago

    Me: burns house, city and state down. 😬😬

  • aixa 1 months ago

    Fans: Omg we love Rie and AlixBuzzfeed: **use Rie and Alix in all their videos**Andrew: Hey, when's my shoot??

  • The Gacha Editor 1 months ago

    Adam: eating your feed

  • Hey Shishtars 1 months ago

    @About Arevroc ikr, wheres the clickbait?

  • Joshua Ramasawmy 1 months ago


  • Sporkle BlueMoon 1 months ago

    I thought of this same exact sentence. Before I did comment it though, I begin scrolling through the comment section and found THIS. 😂😂😂😆😆😆

  • Bobby Maine 1 months ago

    I'd love to see Alvin and Rie make giant aquarium cookies 😂

  • Lorin Sarer 23 days ago

    Alvin is the one that makes the giant food