Instant classic: Duke survives UCF's upset bid (extended highlights)



  • Tavis Banks
    Tavis Banks 5 months ago+1330


  • Wes Dean
    Wes Dean 5 months ago+852

    This is why people watch March Madness.

  • Thejewishpeople
    Thejewishpeople 5 months ago+546

    Someone give this man Johnny Dawkins a medal. That defensive scheme he ran was masterful, and something only really FSU can emulate. So good. I feel like he out coached Coach K today, even with the loss.

  • Red
    Red 5 months ago+901

    Seahawks should of ran the ball.

  • T AG
    T AG 5 months ago+310

    This game is filled with future NBA stars!!!!

  • TheSi1ent1ne
    TheSi1ent1ne 5 months ago+1235

    I had duke moving past them in my bracket, but now I feel bad for UCF. They should've won.

  • Dingle Berry
    Dingle Berry 5 months ago+463

    That tip between Zion and Tacko was hilarious

  • Harambe’s Step Brother
    Harambe’s Step Brother 5 months ago+500

    Even Tall people look like midgets next to Tacko 😂

  • Duckboi479
    Duckboi479 5 months ago+212

    I don’t love or hate either of these teams but that ending was heartbreaking

  • Chrisgonepro
    Chrisgonepro 5 months ago+105

    Rumor has it JR Smith still thinks they’re up by 1.

  • Nhat Nam
    Nhat Nam 5 months ago+2099

    Who almost got their bracket busted lol

  • Mully
    Mully 5 months ago+90

    Ok but can we give props to UCF's bench celebrations in the second half? They were hilarious!

  • Joker J
    Joker J 5 months ago+40

    That is a good ucf team

  • Sammy sosa
    Sammy sosa 5 months ago+71

    Ucf was totally underrated and no one believed they were gonna win they should've tho may not have won but earned a lot of respect

  • Matt
    Matt 5 months ago+43

    @ 9:45 the UCF cheerleaders went for the chest bump!! LOL

  • Langston Galloway
    Langston Galloway 5 months ago+25

    Duke got so lucky in this game

  • Jorge Corral
    Jorge Corral 5 months ago+22

    In Stephen A. Smith's Voice: Dawkins is a BALLER!

  • Suhai7890
    Suhai7890 5 months ago+1

    This has to be one of the most entertaining highlights I’ve seen

  • Lemon
    Lemon 5 months ago+5

    Dawkins definitely has a future in the NBA

  • Sam Oso
    Sam Oso 5 months ago+1287

    Dawkins dude played an incredible game. I hope he gets drafted to the right team