Laura Dern and Angela Bassett - Actors on Actors Full Discussion

  • Published on:  6/8/2018
  • Laura Dern and Angela Bassett discuss how the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement has changed Hollywood for Variety's Actors on Actors.


  • Ayu Done
    Ayu Done a years ago+438

    While most of us are anxious about aging, Angela Bassett is walking around from decade to decade unbothered .

  • laBelle
    laBelle a years ago+194

    I think Angela is actually de-aging.

  • Gui Porto
    Gui Porto a years ago+200

    How come Angela Bassett is almost 60? She looks less than 40.

  • PalmurcioWorld
    PalmurcioWorld a years ago+49

    If I had Angela Bassett's voice I would never shut up

  • insertyourquarters
    insertyourquarters a years ago+145

    Love women celebrating each other. ❤

  • Darth Cheeks84
    Darth Cheeks84 a years ago+170

    Does Angela Bassett age?

  • Shasha Vengesayi
    Shasha Vengesayi a years ago+122

    After all these years, Stella still got her groove

  • MsSovereignJoy
    MsSovereignJoy a years ago+110

    Angela’s portrayal of Tina gave me strength to start a new life.

  • STARS & Lightning
    STARS & Lightning  a years ago+71

    Angela Bassett's voice gives me ASMR. I love her.

  • Me Cee
    Me Cee a years ago+95

    Two stellar actors. Angela is breathtakingly stunning.

  • Mechelle McWilliams
    Mechelle McWilliams a years ago+85

    Laura Dern will go down as one of the greatest. With her parents. Incredible dynasty of actors.

  • Lasonja Balfour
    Lasonja Balfour a years ago+56

    Angela Bassett is FREAKING gorgeous. Does she ever age? I've always been and always will be a huge fan because she's so talented as an actress, but... WOW!

  • Frankie x
    Frankie x 10 months ago+21

    Angela has been in the game for the past 20 something years and I believe she is on the same level as Meryl Streep. Yet, she hasn’t won an Oscar?

  • Peter M.
    Peter M. a years ago+56

    Angela Bassett is a GODDESS.

  • naturalw33
    naturalw33 a years ago+73

    All that talent in one room. Must be nice.

  • Lisa J
    Lisa J a years ago+103

    Black does not crack 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    SUN WARRIOR 8 months ago+18

    Methuselah: I've lived for almost 1000 years and still kicking.
    Angela Bassett: Hold my beer

  • Kimby
    Kimby a years ago+62

    Beautiful beautiful women for whom I have so much respect. I love hearing their perspectives. Awesome.

  • Buffyngton Post
    Buffyngton Post a years ago+41

    This might be the best actors on actors I've seen yet! Kudos!

  • jasonqueue
    jasonqueue a years ago+59

    I love all the folks reading Ms Bassett for her speech patterns on this video -- how many y'all have three degrees from Yale?