Primitive Tool : Build Underground House

  • Published on:  2/8/2018
  • Hello everyone,Today i'm build new house at Underground , it hard to dig but we try build for protect cool season . Please like comment and subscribe to get more video for us.


    FUZZII EVERLOVE a years ago+610

    This is the third one I've watched today and I noticed that they're not talking.
    No arguing, no fighting, no instructions. Just GET'r DONE

  • Pupper Productions
    Pupper Productions 8 months ago+211

    I wanna partner up with these guys for the zombie apocalypses tbh

  • All of the good Usernames are taken

    If this was me as a kid I would dig one foot deep and say done

  • Hobo Chicken
    Hobo Chicken a years ago+312

    First night in Minecraft

  • J.B Productions
    J.B Productions 9 months ago+233

    some were out there there is a jungle with 1000s of little houses and swimming pools.

  • edboss
    edboss 11 months ago+581

    Every primitive channel should collab and build a monster city!

  • Thørr Bjornssen
    Thørr Bjornssen 9 months ago+227

    All those guys on naked and afraid ain't got sht on you guys

  • Joseph Avallone
    Joseph Avallone a years ago+144

    Has anyone else every wondered do they just leave the houses there? For other people to see? Oh just me? Okay...

  • Kreekboss Did
    Kreekboss Did 3 months ago+9

    When you play to much Minecraft

  • Hollie Louise
    Hollie Louise a years ago+6

    Who lives in a whole underground?

  • Lazo Gamer
    Lazo Gamer a years ago+30

    this is vietnam military base

  • deadline 71
    deadline 71 2 months ago+5

    No one:
    Me: watches this at 1:00 to 2:00 AM

  • Queen of the Memes
    Queen of the Memes 7 days ago+5

    Are we just gonna ignore how they’re shoeless. If it were me I would be goin “ow” everytime I took a step

  • Abe Broham
    Abe Broham 8 months ago+21

    Now when they wake up do you suppose they'll get a couple lazy boy chairs, a mini fridge and mount a flat screen t.v?

  • Chrisopher Celenza
    Chrisopher Celenza 6 months ago+18

    That have upgraded there stick

    ASA ALYAFEI 9 months ago+21

    العربي يدوس لايك

  • 100 subscribers with 1 video challenge

    They probably made their camera out of sticks and clay
    They are Genius!

  • N 40
    N 40 2 months ago+10

    can you build me a home dude

  • Bosscutie YT
    Bosscutie YT a years ago+277

    I think it's amazing they can build like this with limited tools and reasources
    P.s. - like if you agree 😃

  • Levi Lock
    Levi Lock 2 months ago+3

    Modern society :
    Cement machine
    Hammers and nails
    These guys:
    1 stick