Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on:  12/4/2018
  • "Mary Queen of Scots" stars Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Margot Robbie British? How do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan? Was Margot in a soap opera? Robbie and Saoirse answer all these questions and more!

    "Mary Queen of Scots" is in theaters on December 7

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    Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  • natalietme (Dec 5, 2018)

    Saoirse Ronan must be so annoyed that she has to explain her name in every single interview

  • Adam Chevalier (1 day ago)

    To be fair, Celtic languages were almost certainly specifically designed to make life hard for the English. Like, Samhain is pronounced Saw-Wayne for cryin-out-loud.

  • Skutu Loc (2 days ago)

    She sounds like she doesn’t know how to say her own name

  • Alexandria Rhiannon (Dec 21, 2018)

    Why is barely anyone mentioning Saoirse's little rawr at 2:52? That was friggin' adorable.

  • YungGravy (2 days ago)

    Alexandria Rhiannon no it wasn’t lol

  • James Green (Mar 23, 2019)

    That's adorable... great now I gotta watch that for 5 minutes lol

  • Guitarsquatch M. (Dec 6, 2018)

    My crush on Saoirse transcends time and space. Good job Ireland.

  • Dark Angel (Mar 28, 2019)

    +Daniel Lehotský ahahahah toooo lutkooo Balkanci najjaci. Ne vidja se cesto balkanski komentar ali kad ga vidis to izgleda ovako 😂

  • ChrisHallett83 (Feb 14, 2019)

    Ever since I saw her in Hanna I knew she was going to be a huge star, but now she's grown up and actually taking over the world I feel like she is rapidly becoming one of my favourite actresses of all time.

  • jeanne (Dec 8, 2018)

    I’ve never been gayer

  • Char (4 days ago)

    MrGerrardify neither specifically came out as straight so anything is possible

  • flavaqueen5287 (Dec 6, 2018)

    28 and 24 years old and between them they have 3 Oscar nominations for Best Actress!!! So much talent. 👏👏👏 Love them both. 😍

  • Cecilia Reyes (Apr 7, 2019)

    Sarah Pithapurwala not really. She’s pretty but it doesn’t bother me

  • Sarah Pithapurwala (Mar 21, 2019)

    +Cecilia Reyes want some peanut butter for that jelly?

  • The Asian Mai Show (Dec 5, 2018)

    Definitely not Top Margot Robbie searches lol. 🤔

  • Sebastian Robbins (1 day ago)

    I should know

  • NewBerlinWall (Dec 11, 2018)


  • digitalsiler (1 day ago)

    white knight

  • Biggie Smalls (Apr 7, 2019)

    +Kalee ' Saoirse is a man?

  • Grace Spider (Dec 7, 2018)

    Any here for Saoirse Ronan?......any one? No? No? Ok.

  • Conor O'Donovan (Apr 17, 2019)

    Quite a few apparently. Who’d have guessed

  • JOKER MUAJAJAAJ (Apr 15, 2019)

    i ammmmm 8)

  • fatima xo (Dec 9, 2018)

    HELLO no one here is gonna notice the fact she said 12 ft 9????

  • Ian Lervin (6 days ago)

    Dude shes saying sarcastic jokes all the time

  • Ollie Reilly (Apr 15, 2019)

    fatima xo ahaha ikr

  • Queen Melodee (Feb 4, 2019)

    "I would have loved to be in Game of Thrones. Who would I have played though? *Gasp* The dragon!"*Relatable.*