How To Build Swimming Pool In Wild For Summer

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
  • Hello Everyone ,Today we Build Swimming Pool In Wild For Summer .Thank you for watching.....


  • Jaimie
    Jaimie 1 months ago+161

    Build a city please, I will definitely come and visit.

  • spxrlingviiolets
    spxrlingviiolets 1 months ago+94

    “how to” i don’t think anyone follows these, they just watch it at like 3 am

  • Espy Life Updates
    Espy Life Updates 1 months ago+48

    How they're able to make these videos and never speak is beyond me. Maybe I just never shut up

  • Recca GT
    Recca GT 21 days ago+24

    Next video : How to build a planet using Leaves and Bamboo's

  • Prettyhott boii
    Prettyhott boii 1 months ago+71

    I knew you were going to build another swimming pool.

  • Mr. BeatsMachine
    Mr. BeatsMachine 1 months ago+21

    Only one dude this time?

  • Damario Lamb
    Damario Lamb 21 days ago+14

    Literally no one on God’s green earth:
    Me at 3am:How to build swimming pool?

  • lasagna
    lasagna 28 days ago+21

    what do they do with all these buildings after they've built them

  • Ellis McPickle
    Ellis McPickle 28 days ago+8

    Imagine these guys had tools & people. Could build a city...

  • whos that
    whos that 21 days ago+5

    What do they do with all the buildings they already made???

  • Tunahan Şahan
    Tunahan Şahan 1 months ago+18

    Wow scorpion

  • Jess Evelyn
    Jess Evelyn 21 days ago+6

    How do you walk around in bare feet like that when a scorpion just popped out your pool, 😩. Incredible skills though wow

  • mohammad alvi
    mohammad alvi 28 days ago+7

    Where did the other guy go

  • oumar mane
    oumar mane 1 months ago+5

    If you’re watching this it’s probably 2 am

  • Dabu Stufd
    Dabu Stufd 1 months ago+21

    I awkwardly like to watch this kind of video
    Yess im early

  • Pandora40
    Pandora40 14 days ago+3

    That is truly amazing!! Most people these days have no idea how to survive w out modern conveniences...That 🦂 would have scared the crap outta me.

  • Papi Vali
    Papi Vali 7 days ago+3

    Grayson for sure watched this before he slept🤦‍♀️🤣

  • KyraSalty
    KyraSalty 28 days ago+11

    finds scorpion
    P O K E PO kE

  • Meme monki
    Meme monki 14 days ago+3

    I have cracked the code, they speak in whistles

  • Jensyn Heidy
    Jensyn Heidy 1 months ago+5

    It’s two in the morning