Mariah Carey - With You (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  10/10/2018
  • "With You" single available at Spotify: Music: Play: Carey online: (C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment#MariahCarey#WithYou#Vevo#RandB


  • J Galano
    J Galano 7 days ago+95

    Who's listening Aug 2019?? Please like my post

  • Who’s NaeNae
    Who’s NaeNae 3 months ago+235

    The fact she writes her music makes it even more beautiful to me. Pure talent, she’s a real artist!

  • Tikia McCray
    Tikia McCray 6 months ago+1128

    Nobody can hit them high notes like Mariah Carey she really can sing

  • Dydan MJ
    Dydan MJ 4 months ago+180

    So sad that song like this didn't chart anymore on Hot 100. This is a good example of what R&B should be. The general public doesn't deserve her.

  • Jeremias x
    Jeremias x 10 months ago+859

    For the first time in years, she looks like the Mariah she used to be, natural, simple and just her.

  • Eleazar Camato
    Eleazar Camato 4 months ago+359

    remember that time Mariah tries to save RNB but y'all make her flop. :(

  • LT HunCho
    LT HunCho 5 months ago+265

    Her music is timeless and she is ageless!! 🔥💯🔥💯🔥

  • butterflylily94
    butterflylily94 6 months ago+239

    I grew up listening to Mariah. When I heard this on the radio for the first time I thought it was one of her old songs cause of the 90s vibe from it, I was hooked instantly she's forever one of my favorite female artist❤️

  • Sweet Disappointment Pie
    Sweet Disappointment Pie 5 months ago+499

    This will win a grammy in 2020! I will claim it! It will! It will!

  • Whitney Houston Lives
    Whitney Houston Lives 10 months ago+1838

    Whitney Houston fans here to support 💕

  • Daniel García
    Daniel García 6 months ago+560

    They always play this song at my job and I love it <3 I love Mariah Carey!

  • snapchat crazy
    snapchat crazy 3 months ago+145

    I wanna age like her she is in her late40s

  • Mijail Dimopoulos
    Mijail Dimopoulos 2 months ago+180

    The cinematography in this video is so beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it

  • Judas Jose
    Judas Jose 5 months ago+116

    Every singer nowadays are inspired by mariah , often imitated never duplicated

  • deniro deniroo
    deniro deniroo 2 months ago+137

    This song is so relaxing,whenever I am stressed I play this song..It relaxes me easily...My favourite song by her👑👑😍

  • Luchi & Jynx
    Luchi & Jynx 5 months ago+53

    First time I heard this was the night of my 10 year marriage anniversary on a Las Vegas radio station ❤️ thank you for the memories MC you always come thru❣️

  • anne temple
    anne temple 5 months ago+119

    I would never ever tired of listening every minute of this Legendary Diva and her iconic Songs 💋

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 3 months ago+47

    Taylor Swift loves Mariah songs 😻

  • Itoro Okon
    Itoro Okon 7 months ago+1723

    Who's watching and loving this in 2019?

  • Marooowski G4M3R
    Marooowski G4M3R 1 months ago+27

    I have found this when typed "you" to web address, looked for YouTube website. This is beautiful. Cheers!