2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights



  • Samuel NH 2 months ago

    The cameraman at turn 1 was on cocaine or something, and they didn’t even show most of the midfield battle. Bad timing...

  • Alejandro Miranda 2 months ago

    Madre mía pensaba que era el único que se dio cuenta, me estaba poniendo hasta nervioso, pero no es culpa del cámara más bien del director que parece que ayer sábado se le fue la fiesta de las manos o algo xD

  • Olivier Groot 2 months ago

    Raditram yeah for sure; already agreed with ya haha. Nonetheless, the operation was remarkably jerky

  • NorT 2 months ago

    I remember people saying last year Kimi should retire....Hes to old...etc...Here is for the 3rd race in a row in the points...the only people who have managed that so far is the mercedes,Ferraris and Verstappen...I think that is EXTREMELY impressive.Well done Iceman.

  • Apsyrys 1 months ago

    "the only people, ferrari mercedes and verstappen" yeah i like those drivers a lot lol

  • Hiển Long Trần 1 months ago

    He is The Iceman. He knows what he is doing

  • Shane Crowley 2 months ago

    Going to watch this every night to put me to bed

  • Nicolas Lopes 1 months ago

    Underrated comment 😂😂😂

  • LEgiON0022 2 months ago

    Crofty can make watching grass grow sound exciting.


  • are there live transmitions online for the sky sports (he is sky sports right)? I am so done with the brazilian narrators...

  • The Beast Cars 18 days ago

    How does that work, Hamilton gets old Pirelli types and Valteri gets new Pirelli tyres

  • Realest_ Ginger 14 days ago

    The Beast Cars If you dont have new tires left , you can’t put on new tires. The team selected a number of tires and you can’t get new tires . Hamilton did not have any new tires. Bottas did have new tires.

  • Vikram Reddy 2 months ago

    Mercedes: we are fast at cornersFerrari: we are faster on straightsMercedes : we have Hamilton Ferrari: we are faster on straights Mercedes: we have bottas 2.0Ferrari: we are faster on straights Mercedes: we have better strategists Ferrari: we are faster on straights Mercedes: we won 5 consecutive wdc & WCC Ferrari: we are faster on straights

  • Andrés Hernández 1 months ago

    Ramone Entertainment ....well? Don’t just stop mid sentence. How much longer than Mercedes have they been racing as a team? Tell us.

  • Adam Collier 2 months ago

    @cr7 my ideal India meri Jan. army mare San and he's the fastest but ferrari are backing the wrong driver leclerc is better

  • Max Li 2 months ago

    F1 got so boring a team order to switch places called for a little "Vettel vs. Leclerc" tab...

  • Tad Greenwald 2 months ago

    Rather than showing Perez's incredible first lap drive, let's just replay the Kvyat crash 12 times

  • I wouldn't expect any more from sky commentary...

  • Android 16 2 months ago

    From the highlights it looks like it was a thrilling overtaking fest. From the comments, not so much.

  • Autodaily.vn 1 months ago

    F1 just started in Vietnam and welcome Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 :)