Snap Spectacles: Are They the Face Camera We’ve Been Waiting For? | WIRED

  • Published on:  4/26/2018
  • You have to give Snap credit for giving hardware another try. Its first attempt, the face-camera called Spectacles, fell short of spectacular. But they're back with a new version. The yellow rings around the lenses are gone (the company decided the LED lights were enough of an indication that users are recording video). The new model is more expensive ($150) but it's water-resistant, comes in new colors, and has enhanced imaging capabilities. WIRED's Lauren Goode and Arielle Pardes test drive the new Snap Spectacles at California's Great America.Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► ABOUT WIREDWIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture.Snap Spectacles: Are They the Face Camera We’ve Been Waiting For? | WIRED


  • Yusuf Bektaş
    Yusuf Bektaş a years ago+37

    lauren, in wired, what? conde nast is really mixing it up I guess

  • Paurush Chaudhary
    Paurush Chaudhary a years ago+50

    You shifted to WIRED?

  • Miyuru Weerarathna
    Miyuru Weerarathna a years ago+25

    Lauren! Why did you leave the verge? Anyway hope you’ll keep up with your unique comparison format.

  • Hypothetically Speaking
    Hypothetically Speaking a years ago+43

    Oh Snap!!! They made a second one?

  • fishwasher
    fishwasher a years ago+74

    lauren what happened with the verge

  • E. Fine
    E. Fine a years ago+34

    That park is abandoned af.

  • BuzzedAldrin
    BuzzedAldrin a years ago+283

    Why don't they just make a version which doesn't look ridiculous for anyone but art students

  • Joshua Zhang
    Joshua Zhang a years ago+31

    Oops, thought this was TheVerge for a hot minute. smh

  • ED
    ED a years ago+91

    Lauren, say goodbye to the theverge

  • Orclord Barbok
    Orclord Barbok a years ago+14

    When I would see someone with glasses like this I would be like "They just left art school."
    I'd rather wear a GoPro on my Head, especially for how the video will look in the end, and that it is probably saver.

  • Jamie Ross
    Jamie Ross a years ago+14

    Wired Lauren?? Judas!

  • Abhay Ram
    Abhay Ram a years ago+12

    First WIRED tech video that I actually liked

  • AbdulRahman Ch
    AbdulRahman Ch a years ago+4

    I’m already missing the versus series on The Verge ☹️
    It won’t be the same without Lauren

  • Zyron
    Zyron a years ago+10

    I already don't like the feeling of eyes on me, I really don't like the idea of those eyes also recording me.

  • John Smith
    John Smith a years ago+9

    Is there a version that a man would wear, because you both look like children.

  • Veles
    Veles a years ago+4

    Keep in mind that in majority of countries having one of those gets you in jail.
    Devices that are made specifically for stealth recording and disguised as something else are illegal in many-many countries.

  • This Little Critic
    This Little Critic a years ago+5

    Every time I walk by the Snapchat kiosk I wanna buy one. I’m glad I didn’t. I like the new one much more.

    THE POWER IS IN YOU 2 a years ago+5

    There are already too many cameras .... people wearing them is going too far.
    Wake up everyone! We are living in George Orwell' s 1984 ... do the research and stop consenting to the ability of been spied on at all times.Don't forget you have a right to privacy.

  • Chinmay Pandya
    Chinmay Pandya a years ago+3

    Lauren left the verge ?!🤔

  • Chernobyl Denier
    Chernobyl Denier a years ago

    You left the Verge? Wow! Say hi to David Pierce for us, he was the Verge's best journalist even to today.