Dominican Republic Resort Says Deaths Have No ‘Correlation’

  • Published on:  6/7/2019
  • An embattled resort in the Dominican Republic is fighting back, saying three unexplained deaths that took place there are just a coincidence. "There is no indication of any correlation between these unfortunate incidents," Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts said in a statement. Autopsies show psychotherapist Miranda Werner died of a heart attack. Cynthia Day and her fiance Nate Holmes may have been taking medications. The Minister of Tourism says the deaths are “very regrettable but isolated.”


  • Ânyà Štár ✨ 1 months ago

    *3 DEATHS IN JUST 1 HOTEL??* That's one freaky "coincidence"..

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    @Billy Summers Americans with enlarged hearts said the autopsy .

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    That hotel is the size of a small town.

  • Erik R 1 months ago

    Resort: "No correlation. Just a coincidence."Dominican Serial Killer: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Iris Soto Ruiz 21 days ago

    Attention there is something strange happening in Mexico 🇲🇽 .198 Americans mysteriously killed in 2018 and 998 in 5 years. 4 dead of the same family. Young man drowned after drinking something. They have to investigate. Something strange happens in Mexico You have to make this viral news

  • Ricky Herrera 22 days ago

    117 tourists die in Hawaii each year. but that's is not in the media

  • Livinglifewithem 1 months ago

    They obviously do, somebody in the hotel staff knows what there doing!

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    The FBI has the bodies of the 3 person. What did they find? NOTHING

  • PunnyMegan 1 months ago

    Next episode:"Reporter Dies on Investigation at Dominican Republic"

  • Anniefanny Charles 22 days ago

    @My dude no problem. Stay out of the United States.

  • Tik Doe 1 months ago

    @My dude Never wanted to go... You think it's everyone who wants to go there?🤣😂 Not I you evil mongrel.

  • Pickle chin ahh boi 1 months ago

    May those poor souls Rest In Peace

  • Livinglifewithem 1 months ago

    The manager seems so suspicious, I understand if he doesn't want to talk but he didnt hold eye contact or wants to be shown on camera

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    @Apache Girl why do you think they hate american citizens? And Dominican Republic is in American. You should sat Unitedstatien

  • Čhįçæğø Pläyż 1 months ago

    @Dark Gamer but you never know

  • Angela Carter 1 months ago

    A husband and wife don't drop dead at the exact same time and the exact same way with out something causeing it.

  • Kyco MC 6 days ago

    @Creative Videos 360 they had 400-600 gram hearts

  • Mabey it wasn't the drinks it was a bad drug anyone thinks of that because everything is available in DR

  • Kimberly Tran 1 months ago

    The male version of Lisa

  • Nooran Altamimi 1 months ago

    Čhįçæğø Pläyż idiot, it’s a inside edition reporter.

  • Shan the bean 1 months ago

    @Čhįçæğø Pläyż from the simpspns? maybe

  • Litandharryginny 1 months ago

    How could anyone believe that god damn lie, no way three people just die with in a week without a shared cause, plus others have came forward with earlier deaths and sickness's.

  • jusrayne 25 days ago

    @Kyco MC yeah but not days and one week apart from poisioning

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    @jusrayne 170 USA tourists die each year in Hawaii.

  • PJGSJ 1 months ago

    The Dominican government is hiding it so it doesn't hurt their tourism industry and well guess what it is already that. People thinking of going to the Dominican Republic, it'd be better to go somewhere else like Bahamas or Hawaii.

  • Kyco MC 26 days ago

    @PJGSJ look man. People always die, do you think that Bahia principe is a small resort? In Hawaii 1 people die every 2 days. The odds exists.

  • Smooth cardstock6 26 days ago

    Dominican Horror Story.Hotel