Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit



  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  2 months ago+75

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  • a gj
    a gj 3 months ago+4166

    someone: disagrees with molly
    molly: die i guess

  • Kahliimah
    Kahliimah 3 months ago+2473

    You can tell that Chris is a very technical, professional chef that is a perfectionist, but he still comes off as a very friendly, easy person to get along with and doesn't act pretentious. I think that's a really cool quality to have

  • Haibar Zair
    Haibar Zair 3 months ago+873

    I can't imagine the amount of dough Claire had to make for this project 🙈🙈

  • Marvel Maniac1209
    Marvel Maniac1209 3 months ago+2575

    No one:
    Everyone at BA: The dough can sense your fear

  • Haley
    Haley 3 months ago+1863

    Chris Morocco is lowkey my favorite person. You can tell he is such a food nerd and knows his stuff!

  • Nicholas Hogan
    Nicholas Hogan 3 months ago+5607

    Guys, Chris is your brain.

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez 3 months ago+1612

    I just love how passive-agressive everyone is. I kept waiting for someone to explode over mortadela.

  • andi muriel
    andi muriel 2 months ago+612

    I can’t believe it took this many calzones for them to switch from metal to wood peel

  • kitkat
    kitkat 2 months ago+696

    All I'm gonna say is if supertaster Chris says pineapple goes on pizza then pineapple goes on pizza. He is THE flavor authority in the BA test kitchen lol

  • Wedge Oli
    Wedge Oli 3 months ago+870

    So the question left for me in this episode is WHO WROTE “NO MUSHROOMS”
    1. Molly was nodding about the idea of mushrooms
    2. Clare was also enthusiastic
    3. Can’t be Chris or Andy
    4. They recognized brads writing

  • Johanyo2
    Johanyo2 2 months ago+438

    Can we make a bon apetit wiki to keep track of the lore?

  • WeWere OnABreak
    WeWere OnABreak 3 months ago+632

    Molly: Drain it. You MUST drain it for 30 mins. Under no circumstances should you not drain it for 30 mins.
    Andy and Chris: already knowing they won't drain it for that long 🙂

  • Anton Trauth
    Anton Trauth 3 months ago+401

    Best part about this series is how everyone struggles to get the Pizza on the paddle!

  • 3er dia Bakery
    3er dia Bakery 2 months ago+285

    I feel sad Chris didn't get his pineapple pizza :( we need a video where he makes it.

  • KpopNoodle
    KpopNoodle 2 months ago+260

    The BA formula is incredible: colorful casts, positive atmosphere and a whole lot of food science in one beautifully edited video. This is the definition of quality content.

  • Connor
    Connor 2 months ago+384

    Molly giving Adam attitude is literally life. I wish I could mess with my boss like that. Adam is such an amazing boss. I would kill to work for him

  • moonlessnight14
    moonlessnight14 2 months ago+332

    Chris bringing up pineapple as a potential topping more than once made me love him even more than I already do

  • christmasKids
    christmasKids 2 months ago+260

    chris, andy, and claire: doing nothing
    chris, andy, and claire: absolutely nothing
    brad: [ small inhale ]
    brad: :)

  • Jenna Ballinger
    Jenna Ballinger 3 months ago+2212

    I love this idea of a short series with everyone involved. I would definitely watch more content like this.