LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: A Day In The Life & Behind The Scenes (Engaged Couple)

  • Published on:  7/19/2019
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  • Alice Avery
    Alice Avery 1 months ago+118

    just admit it, michael moonlights as Novak Djokovic

  • Flavia Pereira
    Flavia Pereira 1 months ago+122

    Gosh you two are so cute and he done good with that ring!! 💍❤️❤️ I'd love to see you two do more videos together. Maybe a couples challenge or something like a fiancé does my voiceover! Imagine seeing Lucie doing her makeup but speaking with the velvety rich tones of Michael 😂😂

  • Bubbles_as18
    Bubbles_as18 7 days ago+12

    that’s brave of you to leave your camera on the sidewalk

  • MAC CosmeticsFan
    MAC CosmeticsFan 1 months ago+65

    Literally may fav up and coming youtube vlogger ❤️❤️❤️ Oh and please do Michael does my makeup v/o so I can say LUCIE the time has come for you to LIP SYNC (to Michael's voice) FOR YOUR LIFE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Madeleine Ogayon
    Madeleine Ogayon 1 months ago+7

    Hi Lucie!! What's the background music at 6:03, while you were waiting for Mike? Thank you! Love you! You exudes a great positive energy and joyful attitude and it's inspiring to watch! Oh and i love to visit NYC one day. ❤️🗽

  • Cosmetique Queen
    Cosmetique Queen 1 months ago+42

    I love the positive energy that I can feel just by watching you 2 be together ! ♥️♥️ And I also want to see fiance does my voice over (idk something about seeing his voice coming from your lips seems so funny to me 😂) but could you also please make an NYC food tour and more fitness routine videos? Love you Lucie 💓💓

    KRLEEQ 1 months ago+3

    I actually thought it was cute when you pointed to the air “click here” but there was nothing there, before the links came in😂 lol.

  • Nallely Rivera
    Nallely Rivera 1 months ago+5

    Hi Lucie and Mike, Can you please provide some info. (link etc.) about the desk chair that shows up behind you in the beginning of the video? Thank you.

  • Amy R
    Amy R 1 months ago+3

    Love the video Lucie! I’m so excited for your wedding(:

  • GoodKillTubeHard 10.0
    GoodKillTubeHard 10.0 1 months ago+5

    You look so happy that I think I am jealous.

  • TheBritFix
    TheBritFix 1 months ago+7

    LUCIE!! I love this type of video. I still love your other ones but this one is prime. I believe this will set you apart from the rest if you continue to incorporate this in. And you and Michael are SO freaking cute together

  • roxylove
    roxylove 7 days ago+1

    This is the cutest sportsbra I've ever seen 😍 where is it from??

  • Gwendoline Decat-Beltrami
    Gwendoline Decat-Beltrami 1 months ago+11

    omg where is your workout outfit from?!? so gorgeous !!!

  • Bailey Ford
    Bailey Ford 1 months ago+4

    Eeee love Lucie Fink!!!
    small NYC YouTuber here
    other small YouTubers wanna support eo?

  • Isabela Maria
    Isabela Maria 1 months ago+1

    We need a morning one of this videos

  • Carole M
    Carole M 14 days ago+2

    It would be cool if you do a real morning routine or day in my life.

  • Gemma Coffey
    Gemma Coffey 1 months ago+13

    He reminds me of the tennis player Novak Djokovic

  • Melissa
    Melissa 1 months ago+8

    I like this style of video from you!! All the best ✨

  • Tissar Challenge
    Tissar Challenge 21 days ago+1

    can u do a “day in my life” when your not at work???
    btw i love ur vids❤️❤️

  • callieandstuff
    callieandstuff 1 months ago+9

    Michael: says a bunch of romantic stuff about lucie
    Lucie: nice! so--