Emoji Game with Sebastian Stan | Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War

  • Published on:  8/16/2018
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  • Peyton Alexandria
    Peyton Alexandria a years ago+1178

    “tHaT’s nOT tHE WiNtER SolDieR!?!”

  • emx
    emx a years ago+403

    The way he giggles when scarlet witch comes up hOW CUTEE 😍

  • Domi Holton
    Domi Holton a years ago+413

    I love how offended Sebastian is by the lack of beard for the winter soldier emoji.

  • despotic godmother
    despotic godmother a years ago+930

    he's too cute. i stan this stan

  • AnnRice
    AnnRice a years ago+801

    "Oh wait a minute! This is for me."
    So cute. 😁

  • Wholesome Toaster
    Wholesome Toaster a years ago+266

    Sebastian lives in a constant state of confusion and I love that.

  • Irem Luna
    Irem Luna a years ago+672

    i love how he says "okoye"

  • Natalia Rivera
    Natalia Rivera a years ago+766

    My god he's so cute

  • Movies with Matar
    Movies with Matar a years ago+494

    sweet soft and innocent
    peter quill lmaooooooooooooo

  • Bio Kimistry
    Bio Kimistry a years ago+326

    TOO. DAMN. SHORT. Need moar Seb.

  • EmilyLovesMarvel!!
    EmilyLovesMarvel!! 11 months ago+84

    “Scarlet witch hehehe”
    That is the cutest most purest thing ever😍😍that’s why I love him

  • alianovna
    alianovna a years ago+198

    Sebastian: sweet, soft and innocent.... Peter quill

  • Antonia Costa
    Antonia Costa a years ago+186

    The way he says Okoye is too cute omg

  • ZeeMAN V-Logs
    ZeeMAN V-Logs a years ago+515

    We are missing Squidward Emoji people ... Red Code XD

  • DontTripHoe
    DontTripHoe a years ago+229

    I love how fast he's to guess black widow 😂😂

  • Jamie Fassavoy
    Jamie Fassavoy a years ago+70

    "Peter Quill! No, why did I say that?"
    I love how sure he is when he shouts the wrong answer

  • Teezy
    Teezy a years ago+166

    I'm getting impatient can't wait for next MCU movie they're just too good

  • Alexia Farrugia
    Alexia Farrugia a years ago+106


  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O a years ago+67

    Seb @ the winter soldier emoji: "PUT SOME RESPECK ON MY NAME!" 😭😂

  • tristy ribeiro
    tristy ribeiro a years ago+145

    Cuteness overload