STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 Official "Pool" Clip (NEW, 2019) Netflix TV Series HD

  • Published on:  5/21/2019
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  • Gregor la montagne 2 months ago

    season 1 - Demogorgonseason 2 - Mindflyerseason 3 - Milf hunter

  • raulhero18 1 months ago

    @Slimer213 takeo

  • oona magrath 1 months ago

    Mind Flayer *

  • JustCheckingIn 2 months ago

    I'm glad he's taking pool safety seriously.

  • Geo Boy 14 days ago

    JustCheckingIn ᒪOᒪ IKᖇᖇᖇ

  • ZESTCAT 17 days ago

    @SOTL 77 Technically no you maybe could achieve something similear through practise but a full O probably not! lol

  • Addicted Watcher 2 months ago

    Season 3: Mrs. Wheeler going after Billy's Willy.

  • RaptorofRex07 1 months ago

    Strangely enough a step slightly up from her lump of a husband

  • Emma Arts 1 months ago

    So true but wtf??? He’s in high school!! She’s a mom with two teenage kids! Funny, but just wrong.

  • Freddie P3CKHAM 2 months ago

    Meanwhile Ted is enjoying his chicken.

  • adam bob 8 hours ago

    And his lazy boy

  • Constantin Denis 9 days ago

    Ted is sleeping. literally all the time.

  • Mikey Merritt 2 months ago

    Taking his job serious good that kid could’ve tripped and broken his arm

  • Mikey Merritt 17 days ago

    epic gamer thx

  • epic gamer 17 days ago

    Im here to let you know you got a lot of likes

  • MzBittersweet 2 months ago

    The Stranger Things spin-off is gonna be Real Housewives of Hawkins.

  • lucy ennis 12 days ago

    😂😂we need that tho

  • spacewarrior100 1 months ago

    haha yeh boy

  • Timothy Vekved 2 months ago

    I hardly recognized Mrs. Wheeler. Anyone else?😂

  • Luis Martínez 17 days ago

    I literally was at a loss until he sayed Mrs WheelerSeriously did she get work done or something she looks diferent

  • Lilly L 1 months ago

    me 2

  • Morganville94 2 months ago

    Well I'll be damned. It's gonna be a hot season this summer.

  • luca 10 days ago

    Germany still cold

  • Pineapplix 1 months ago

    In more ways than one

  • Eden Ream 2 months ago

    Karen will either1. Divorce Ted for Billy or2. Secretly date Billy without Ted knowing

  • J Maca an hour ago

    Or Billy dies

  • rose k 3 days ago

    or none

  • Big Potato 2 months ago

    Mrs wheeler hasnt gotten laid in a long time eh

  • tea time  15 days ago

    Big Potato only been a few years... baby holly