Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! Switching Back to iPhone..



  • mazdem
    mazdem 5 months ago+509

    Basically you miss the iPhone eco system. You are tied to it .

  • onthearth1
    onthearth1 3 months ago+1574

    Basically prefers samsung S10+ but has loyalty issues towards Iphone..🤣🤣

  • Tuna 156
    Tuna 156 2 months ago+866

    He is switching back because his name is everything apple pro

  • Hashim Makki
    Hashim Makki 3 months ago+667

    The problem is my friend, that you're trying to bring an ios experience to android and that's not the point

  • Splitzz
    Splitzz 3 months ago+867

    The S10 has more RAM than my Gaming PC.

  • 1amiro
    1amiro 5 months ago+316

    Are we not going to talk about the fact that he has a literal seatbelt on his chair?

  • Eugene M
    Eugene M 3 months ago+318

    Seriously, Dude, you just convinced me to get the Galaxy S10

  • Benjamin Reinhardt
    Benjamin Reinhardt 1 months ago+328

    "IDK how they got such a good battery life!"
    Samsung S10+ battery: 4100 mAh
    Iphone XS max battery: 3174 mAh
    No idea man. It's a mystery to me too

  • OneGreatChap
    OneGreatChap 2 months ago+341

    wow, i thought he would give a solid reason to why he switched back. Then he says "the fluidity of the iPhone animations are better". 😂

  • Grace Waldron
    Grace Waldron 3 months ago+488

    Iphone has been trash lately I'm convinced that most people just get iphone because its iphone

  • Random Person
    Random Person 5 months ago+1351

    Bro just go full MKBHD and carry both!

  • Brandon McMullen
    Brandon McMullen 14 days ago+52

    We're listening to someone who is wearing a seatbelt indoors folks...

  • time for a fucking CRUSADE
    time for a fucking CRUSADE 1 months ago+154

    Bruh he said that the reason of him not staying is becouse of Samsung phone doesn't feel like iPhone.
    WTF!! That's like asking why the beef doesn't taste like chicken.

  • Vihaan's Blog
    Vihaan's Blog 3 months ago+355

    Puts animation low
    says animation is worse than iphone

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 3 months ago+128

    He switched back because people made fun of his pics on insta 😂

  • J.R. Walk
    J.R. Walk 2 months ago+200

    watching from my S10+ 📱😎👍

  • Kelik Pelipur
    Kelik Pelipur 2 months ago+145

    He know if he continue use android he will lose his apple subscribers 😂

  • Rainレーイン
    Rainレーイン yesterday+3

    Once you’re within the ecosystem, it’s hard to leave. I know that feel lmao

  • El.Keyrouz PRIME
    El.Keyrouz PRIME 3 months ago+166

    Well i think you have switched just because your channel is called apple products !!! Also your viewers are apple users !!!

  • FinalSlayer
    FinalSlayer 5 months ago+2977

    I guess EverythingSamsungPro doesn’t roll off the tongue right