Competitive Eating Training Vlog (#1 - Pulled Pork -n- Tacos)

  • Published on:  4/9/2014
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    First Training/Practice Vlog of 2014! If you like these, please let me know and I will definitely do more (cuz im training all the time...)

    But anyways! This is a Vlog of me preparing for a double contest weekend at Wind Creek Casino, Atmore, AL. Friday Pulled Pork Sliders, Saturday Indian Tacos.
    The contests have already happened, so I will be uploading Video footage of those soon. Links Below.

    Hopefully this gives alittle insite into what I do to become a professional competitive eater, since alot of you ask..


    ----Contest Videos----
    Pulled Pork Silders ----
    Indian Tacos ---- (Comin Soon)

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