Jessica Henwick and Finn Jones are #Goals and more | Earth’s Mightiest Show

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
  • “Marvel’s Iron Fist” hits Netflix tomorrow. Plus, we learn the first 5 things you need to do when you open Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4! ► Subscribe to Marvel: week our host, Lorraine Cink, chats with the stars of Marvel’s Iron Fist, Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, about Season 2 and how Colleen Wing and Danny Rand are taking on new challenges. Plus, we are getting more Daughters of the Dragon vibes when Colleen Wing reunites with Misty Knight. Davos in back in the picture, as is the new and mysterious Mary. Ryan Penagos a.k.a. Agent M is also swinging in to tell us the first 5 things you need to do when you play Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 — tomorrow. Then we check back in with host, Langston Belton, for the next chapter Master Comics Theater series presented by “Marvel: Create Your Own” from Tap Tap Comics. The story features Kate Bishop a.k.a. the REAL Hawkeye written by Marvel comic book and “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” writer, Daniel Kibblesmith. #MarvelMoPOPCreate and share your own comics with “Marvel: Create Your Own” from Tap Tap Comics. https://marvelcreateyourown.taptapcom... #adWatch all episodes of Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 and Season 2 only on Netflix September 7th, 2018. Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 available to play September 7th, 2018. Like Earth’s Mightiest Show at’s Mightiest Show is a weekly variety talk show hosted by Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton who cover trending topics in pop-culture, interview celebrities and creators, provide exclusive on location access, and play interactive games that will have both our guests and hosts giggling. Whether you are a Marvel super-fan or new to the Marvel Universe, Earth’s Mightiest Show has something for you. Watch more from Earth’s Mightiest Show: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • OsKBLaZe
    OsKBLaZe 11 months ago+360

    WAIT So if Jessica was to Marry Finn, her name would be Jessica Jones? 🤯

  • Archerpool
    Archerpool 11 months ago+161

    Jessica Henwick is exceptionally beautiful.

  • tenaciousjoe24
    tenaciousjoe24 11 months ago+141

    Jessica Henwick ❤

  • xJohn Playerx
    xJohn Playerx 11 months ago+33

    I just clicked for Jessica Henwick, beautiful babe. 😍👌

  • Travis Spazz
    Travis Spazz 11 months ago+85

    Unlike all the other Marvel Netflix series, I hope they don't break up the main relationship at the end of S2!!

  • jmrjhulk
    jmrjhulk 11 months ago+26

    Didnt expect coleen to have a british accent.. beautiful even in game of thrones

  • Lil Shenron
    Lil Shenron 11 months ago+22

    Danny is one lucky bastard

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus 11 months ago+53

    Jessica's so gorgeous

  • Turboterttu
    Turboterttu 11 months ago+19

    Why daredevil is not in the avengers?
    He cant work with vision.

  • Shirly Judd Mullins
    Shirly Judd Mullins 11 months ago+41

    I'll shiped 'em so badly haha

  • ion d
    ion d 11 months ago+16

    I keep forgetting that they both have accents ❤️

  • casiano
    casiano 11 months ago+28

    they're both british whattt

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 11 months ago+24

    This is totally off topic, but I think Jessica Henwick would make a good live-action Katara from Avatar.

  • Myra Ōtsutsuki
    Myra Ōtsutsuki 11 months ago+9

    Watching the second season for Jessica henwick, what a cool performer she is.

  • ElvenSmack
    ElvenSmack 9 months ago+4

    RDJ is Iron Man
    Chris is Thor
    Charlie is Daredevil
    Finn is Iron Fist
    Jess is Collen Wing

  • Adithya B V
    Adithya B V 11 months ago+3

    Watching iron fist only bcoz of jessica ❤️❤️

  • Iman Rosohadi
    Iman Rosohadi 11 months ago+5

    Can't wait to see IF season 2 and Please put defenders and AoS in the A4, marvel.

  • Shadow Fangs
    Shadow Fangs 11 months ago+9


  • Hamza Khaliq
    Hamza Khaliq 2 months ago

    If Jessica doesn't get the main role for a live action Mulan, I will be annoyed.

  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 325 10 months ago+2

    GoT alumni. Great american accent in their role. Jessica is hot AF