The Predator - Movie Review

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Predator, starring Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski. Directed by Shane Black.


  • Papi Grande
    Papi Grande an hour ago

    My guilty pleasure. Yes there are a ton of stupid choices but I enjoyed the hell out of this thing. Don't ask me why, I just did. The female scientist who suddenly turned into a super soldier was just dumb but the kid and the predator dog was fun. This film was a confusing mess of stupidity but in the end, I suspended my disbelief {thanks to Mr. Jameson} and I enjoyed the hell out of this thing.

  • BROga
    BROga 2 hours ago

    But still
    the predator > venom
    Even though they’re pretty much the same movie when you think about it

  • Syntaxrage PATRIOTS / LFC

    Anyone who enjoys this movie, needs to seek help

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 4 hours ago

    SPOILER ALERT! -- The greatest weapon wasn't the predator killer suite in the end. It was the immense amount of luck the main characters had throughout. To recall a few: bullet to the head lobotomizes alien dog so it can be a useful blood hound to help track boy when he's captured - LUCK! Rather than choosing to go below, jump above or just stand there and get cut in half by force field the McKenna chooses to lay flat and doesn't get hurt even when using the force field as a safety net - LUCK! Somehow a rope gets tied to McKenna's leg then wrapped around a piece of the ship that he magically shoots apart and then this combo suspends him as the alien ship goes down and magically releases him to no harm while crashing --- DOUBLE LUCK! The aforementioned lobotomized blood hound retrieves a very valuable alien grenade and brings to the doctor so she can throw to McKenna and he can somehow activate and use to blow up the last predator. - TRIPLE LUCK! Really, I thought this was a predator movie not mission improbable. Also, can we stop with the over abundant humor in these sci-fi movies? It's not a marvel comic movie. It should be more horror/sci-fi than giddy/sci-fi. I guess every movie franchise must crash and burn eventually. RIP Predator franchise.

  • S Trick
    S Trick 5 hours ago

    This movie was more entertainment than "The Shape of Water" and that won an Oscar. It's clearly not the the first Predator just a fun movie, if you want anything more than that watching something else. Lots of people like the Supergirl Tv Series and this less than 2 hour movie was better that the 60 hours that show has been on air.

  • Tiago Serra
    Tiago Serra yesterday

    It could be better, it was one of the worst, but, it open a lot of possibilities for the thrilogy, hope the studio allows it because I wanna see a fucking predator invasion... llots of potential

  • bill nguyen
    bill nguyen yesterday

    i can't believe how dumb this movie was, the way the humans act, the way the predator(s) act, just... EVERYTHING in this movie was dumb! so many plot holes, unbelievable moments, and quirkiness that rarely work. but even so.... it was entertaining. the action scenes was pretty decent in my opinion, it was also very gory as it should be, and i really did had a lot of fun during these scenes. but the rest of this movie was alien dog shit, whoever edited this movie should be fired. so many jump cuts and pacing issues that in the end made a mess of a "series of moving pictures", i can barely call this a movie. and most importantly it lacks the suspense, the horror aspect of a predator movie that was so important and most impressive in the original. in stead, this movie was funny, action-packed, flashy, much like a comic book movie and i expected a lot more than that. i cannot deny the fact that i was entertained, so maybe this is the "so bad it's good" kind of movie. and for that i give it a 5/10, would have been bellow average, but it's entertainment factor saves it.

  • kirk magno
    kirk magno yesterday

    why does critic's like these asshole rotten tomatoes etc.. decides if a movie is crap or not? its supposed to be the people decides if it is good or not right?
    and ps: i agree this predator is totally trash! but still believe all that i said

  • Swift Streak
    Swift Streak 2 days ago

    So basically GB 2016 all over again

  • weaponext
    weaponext 2 days ago

    The first two films shouldn’t acknowledge this pile of shit! Shame on Shane Black for destroying this franchise!!!


    It felt like a bad fan fiction.

  • Moniefa Cobham
    Moniefa Cobham 2 days ago

    I watch this and i laugh the entire timeeeeeee everything in this movie suck ass piss shit all types of dodo. what were they thinking oh my god such shit what is happening to my eyes. Yowwww i cant believe this made it to big screen i had to leave the theater half way through. A movie lover like me does not deserve this

  • B2Wshadow 01
    B2Wshadow 01 2 days ago

    How the fuck is a human ( female) able to keep up with a space craft, is she supergirl or something. She a combat specialist and a marine as well as scientist

  • X Gen
    X Gen 2 days ago

    There were certain aspects about the movie that I did like. No shortage of action and I liked their take on Aspergers. But the dialogue and characters were fucking weird. It's like everyone was on crack and red bulls, all hyped up and constantly doing standup comedy in the middle of what should have been their worst nightmare. The plot was a mess. What were you thinking Hawkins?
    hah Imagining what it would've been like to see this one back in '87'.. I'm sure we would've looked at each other and said wtf did we just watch!?

  • GODLESS101
    GODLESS101 2 days ago

    Between the recent alien and Predator films I have to seriously wonder whether or not these people are trying to destroy my childhood.

  • GODLESS101
    GODLESS101 2 days ago

    When I saw Olivia Munn chasing down a predator in her cute little shoes and a backpack with a dart gun I literally laughed out loud at how incredibly stupid it all was. Then ending was pathetic.

  • MPDeventer
    MPDeventer 2 days ago

    “Bigger Jaws”

  • Sami Lynn
    Sami Lynn 2 days ago

    I enjoyed 'some' of this movie.

  • red 19
    red 19 3 days ago

    In my opinion... if ur gonna do it right, u need to do it right. I heard the licensing for the terminator franchise ends in 2019, so expect another wrecked movie.

  • Sofia Bravo
    Sofia Bravo 3 days ago

    Keel was cringe.