Halsey Talks Without Me, Justin Timberlake & G-Eazy

  • Published on:  10/8/2018
  • For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/29PqCNm#Halsey stopped by the studio to chat with us about her relationship with #GEazy, sampling Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River & her new single #Without Me!Listen to the Podcast ►► http://apple.co/2mxKtMuFollow us:Twitter ►►https://twitter.com/zachsangshowFacebook ►►https://www.facebook.com/ZachSangShow/Instagram ►►https://www.instagram.com/zachsangshow/Snapchat ►►https://www.snapchat.com/add/ZachSang...www.zachsangshow.com


  • chim chim
    chim chim 10 months ago+1053

    ‘Anyone who is a Halsey fan is looking to learn something about themselves’
    That hit fam😔

  • Gary Stallings
    Gary Stallings 10 months ago+575

    " You are not the main character in everybody's story." #wisdom

  • Emily Phillips
    Emily Phillips 10 months ago+780

    I wish she would do a documentary like Demi! I find her so interesting and her thoughts are incredible

  • N A D A
    N A D A 10 months ago+512

    Her voice is so soothing I could listen to her talk for hours

  • Eric Champlin
    Eric Champlin 10 months ago+830

    Halsey seems like a really chill person! Someone who I'd like to grab coffee with and just talk about life.

  • Casie Silverman
    Casie Silverman 10 months ago+345

    she got a good ASMR voice lol

  • Kiera Young
    Kiera Young 10 months ago+836

    Halsey is so wise for a 24 year old. She's awesome.

  • ••••
    •••• 10 months ago+491

    "you're not the main character in other people's lives"....damn...that hit hard

  • Maria Rojas
    Maria Rojas 10 months ago+113

    "you make art not headlines," THIS PERSON RIGHT HERE DESERVES THE WORLD

  • amber
    amber 10 months ago+261

    there’s literally no one else like her. she lays everything out there and doesn’t apologize for it. truly one of a kind.

  • Alaska
    Alaska 10 months ago+104

    When she said : "It wasn’t until a time of need, when I really needed a support system that i looked around and was like ‘who is that support system’ Cause I’m the person where I don’t ever ask for help, but i take care of everybody else but when I needed help and then when none of those people knew how to help me cause they never had to before cause they’ve always seen me taking care of them" I really felt that ..

  • halsey & g-eazy
    halsey & g-eazy 10 months ago+452

    Who remembers G’s interview “Ash is calling me” ?

  • Jaymiee-leigh
    Jaymiee-leigh 10 months ago+491

    I love how real, honest and vulnerable halsey’s interviews always are. Without me is truly a masterpiece and halsey is an incredible artist 🦋

  • halsey & g-eazy
    halsey & g-eazy 10 months ago+341

    “Obviously G and I are back” yeah very obvious😂

  • isabellaedits;
    isabellaedits; 10 months ago+242

    she’s always gLoWiNg

  • isabellaedits;
    isabellaedits; 10 months ago+335

    omfg i love ur interviews, i rewatch her other interviews w u all the time. ur convos are the best

  • Jayde Fraser
    Jayde Fraser 10 months ago+377

    Zach Sang and Halsey? I could ask for nothing more.

  • Erin Xyz
    Erin Xyz 10 months ago+199

    She’s a treasure in the music industry. An up and coming icon

  • Someya
    Someya 10 months ago+167

    little otter energy

  • Mari Peña
    Mari Peña 10 months ago+514

    I love halsey so damn much, she is so special and creative