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  • Published on:  3/6/2015
  • I really like this song ^


  • Vera Swaim
    Vera Swaim 2 years ago+1017

    I thought I was weird for liking older guys, but I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  • Giselle A
    Giselle A 2 years ago+399

    I have always been attracted to older men. That's why I haven't dated anyone as I am waiting for the right guy ;) an older one bawhaha

  • Sir Realist
    Sir Realist 2 years ago+483

    12 years ago when I was 32 a 17 year old girl started work at my office. One day I was in the smokers room having a cigarette when she walked in. She sat opposite me which I thought was a little odd as all the other seats were empty. When she sat down she smiled the most beautiful sincere smile I have ever seen. Naturally I smiled back. I was wearing a Motörhead t-shirt and she said: "Are you wearing that to look cool and trendy or do you like the band?". I replied back with a smile: "Shouldn't I be asking you that".(she was also wearing a Motörhead shirt. To cut a long story short, we very quickly became friends and had so much in common even though I was 15 years older than her. Eventually we fell in love and for the time we had together, it was incredible. I remember how people talked and judged. I got the worst of it because I was the older guy. I often felt guilty and questioned whether what I was doing was morally right...even though I was breaking no law. She never cared and kept reminding me that haters gonna hate and that that is their problem. This girl made me feel alive and made my life happy. She told me that I was different to guys her own age and that there was something sensual about me...(still don't get that[LOL]). Years later I often think of her, especially when I hear 17 by 'Winger'. I have no regrets about our love affair. When you fall in love, nothing gets in the way.

  • nothing xpecial
    nothing xpecial a years ago+345

    i don't like boys, i like mens

  • Michika
    Michika a years ago+156

    An Education
    Palo Alto
    Lost in Translation
    American Beauty
    Liberal Arts
    The Oranges
    The Crush

  • Kay Zaine
    Kay Zaine a years ago+253

    I'm 21, always crushed on older men. Still do. Sucks, most are married. Everyone looks at you weird, but if you're 18 or older and it's all consent, everthing is okay. Boys just get jealous because we don't fall for them. Girls mature faster than boys, scientifically proven through scans and research. Which is why we fall for older men, their mentality. Same pace. They have stability, class, and experience. Boys my age have swag, fast food jobs, and experience with one girl xD we just look for qualities we see in our self.

  • A Geurse
    A Geurse 2 years ago+357

    Cute. I think older men are more reliable and serious. I was 17 when I got married to my husband who is 10 years older then I am. Now I am 27 and he is 37. Still lots of love ^.^

    ITZ PHOEBE 10 months ago+77

    Hi I'm phoebe I love someone so much 31 years age gap and I love him so much but its hard 😭1 like =1 prayer please I need the support ❤❤😭

  • Raising Wild Ones
    Raising Wild Ones 2 years ago+84

    I'm 18 and my bf is 45. He's the best guy I've known. I love age gap relationships

  • tracy marunui
    tracy marunui 3 years ago+803

    I want something like this I like older men and I'm a teen

  • tbtb
    tbtb a years ago+48

    I love my doctor. He is 30 years older than me. But we'll find our way, I am sure!

    ELY REYES 2 years ago+186

    i love what i can't have:(

  • Lia Mary
    Lia Mary 2 years ago+183

    Life is so unfair sometimes...

  • KayleeAnn
    KayleeAnn 2 years ago+101

    i had a crush on my teacher who's daughter was older than i was oops

  • Sameer D'Souza
    Sameer D'Souza 2 years ago+149

    May be thats because girls want someone strong, who knows, is intelligent , unmistakenly mature,
    she wanna be understood more.

  • Linh Hà
    Linh Hà 8 months ago+49

    I’m 20 and he’s 35. I fell in love with him at first sight we met. He is really different from my age boys. Be with him, i always feeling happy, he treats me like a little princess. I think I will never love someone else but him until I die. I thought i am wrong because no one except our love. But now I’m glad I’m not the only one. Praying for us loving with an older men. Age isn’t important, love is love.

    VIVA SELENA a years ago+101

    19 with a 37 year old fiancé anyone in the same boat? Let’s be friends ☺️❤️

  • Yuki Erik
    Yuki Erik a years ago+140

    I like older guys but I have no Daddy issues but , I have a things for older men there kind of hot to me I like him to be like 5 years or even more(3-30 years) so yeah my preference ☺️

  • artery
    artery 2 years ago+310

    Anyone have daddy issues here??

  • Saira S Kamal Tiba
    Saira S Kamal Tiba 3 years ago+493

    Whenever I watch it, it makes me cry, When you love someone but the person doesn't care how much you love him, that pain is unbearable....