Young Thug - Chanel (ft Gunna & Lil Baby) [Official Video]

  • Published on:  11/26/2018
  • Young Thug - Chanel (ft Gunna & Lil Baby) Stream "Slime Language" Now Young Thug: by: Elliott Sellers & Sam SheaProduced by: Jason ColeVFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Sam SheaLead Animator: Marco MoriAdditional VFX: Sam Shea, Erik Ferguson, Alessio De Vecchi & Martin OlssonSteadicam Operator: Richard VolskyDrone Operator: Ben LinVideo Commissioner: Emmanuelle CunyAssociate Director, Video Administration: Lily F ThrallAssistant, Video Production: Trevor Joseph NewtonAssistant, Video Administration: Jenesis Alonso Lopez#youngthug#Gunna#LilBaby


  • Young Thug
    Young Thug  8 months ago+11631

    Chanel Go Get IT

  • CRA5H 41
    CRA5H 41 8 months ago+2197

    A dad performing with his kids, beautiful.

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby 14 days ago+135

    Wait a second.... this looks like..... OH MY JESUS GOD
    Its the same woods from best friend

  • Ten los
    Ten los 4 months ago+1802

    if we date, she want the H&M, go get it. she want the chanel, forget it.

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 4 months ago+1823

    I came here from the couple in the car and his girlfriend was rapping to this song lol idk why but it was sexy as hell!!

  • School School
    School School 4 months ago+900

    Lil baby killed it, like if You agree

  • Lucien Jacobz
    Lucien Jacobz 8 months ago+3674

    Who ever reads this i hope they become rich and famous ✔

  • niesha love
    niesha love 5 months ago+898

    why young thug always gotta be somewhere in the damn woods?

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 2 months ago+217

    Select your language :
    -Young thug

  • Supper Gang
    Supper Gang yesterday+4

    SLIME 🔥🔥 baby killed it no cap

  • Omar Mo
    Omar Mo 4 months ago+275

    Gunna kinda look like your fav uncle at the family gathering

  • isaiah dorvelus
    isaiah dorvelus 5 months ago+239


  • tristan brewis
    tristan brewis 5 months ago+300

    they could say Chanel 100 times but had to blur his Chanel headband?

  • I_is_Sollisdude
    I_is_Sollisdude 4 months ago+162

    A dad and his two sons taking a walk through the woods

  • Takumi_RyujinPlays
    Takumi_RyujinPlays 5 months ago+112

    Young thug (orochimaru)
    Gunna (Saskue)
    Baby (Kabuto)

  • Are Uinsane
    Are Uinsane 8 months ago+908

    Young Thug ft Younger Thug & Youngest Thug

  • Angel Carter
    Angel Carter 5 months ago+243

    Everybody talking about how fire this song and video is, im just wondering why lil baby got ate by a snake 😭😂😂

  • Juliaxxx Xx
    Juliaxxx Xx 3 months ago+66

    Who else is here from that vid of the couple in the car with the girl rapping and the bf was all shocked ?

  • The_asmr_ Girl
    The_asmr_ Girl 5 months ago+60

    3:22 young thug u let anaconda eat lil baby hmm 😭😭😭😭

  • G Wise
    G Wise yesterday

    Gunna vs Baby
    Who y'all fuccin with??