Arguing w/Cooper About My Future Cheap Helicopter Ownership (I want to daily it)

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
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  • JET Production
    JET Production 1 months ago+882

    I didn’t know you were interested in aviation!
    Send me a message I’ll fly the Red Bull BO-105 over to the shop and get you behind the stick!
    We’re based out of central Florida!

  • Just Shaggy
    Just Shaggy 28 days ago+273

    I can just see it now......We Bought an Auction Helicopter and It's an Absolute Nightmare.......(Truck Engine Inside)

  • Damon Picton
    Damon Picton 28 days ago+86

    'Helicopter' and 'burns hardly any fuel' are mutually exclusive terms.

  • A m4z3
    A m4z3 28 days ago+180

    This is your Captain speaking Cleeter Mcfreedom, We are now at optimal Bald Eagles aboard "Dale Force One". Feel free to enjoy one of our Bartle skeet refreshments and Thank you for flying "Merica Airlines"

  • Exuma Guy
    Exuma Guy 28 days ago+172

    A helicopter that doesn't need a lot of maintenance....
    You gonna learn the hard way, boy.....

  • ian evenknowit
    ian evenknowit 1 months ago+737

    If you dont call it the hellyeahcopter im calling customer service

  • Wetzel Tucker
    Wetzel Tucker 28 days ago+68

    Send me a message. I'm a helicopter instructor pilot. I'll give you some tips and advice!

  • Austin Slade
    Austin Slade 28 days ago+54

    Why helicopter? Just call pro fab and tell em to start adding wings to the El Camino

  • Cjbarker2
    Cjbarker2 28 days ago+57

    Cleetus: “maybe an efi, you know, something simple”
    is also searching for a helicopter dyno

  • Obama
    Obama 28 days ago+145

    Casually Flying Helicopter
    “40 ROLL!”

  • Techguy
    Techguy 1 months ago+297

    Cleetus: "I purchased a helicopter guys"
    Cleetus 5 minutes later: "I'm LS swapping my helicopter"
    Evening news: "Florida man, youtube celebrity, and freedom enthusiast, Cleetus McFarland was killed today in a terrifying helicopter crash. FAA officials have discovered that the helicopter had been heavily modified and was overloaded with cans of Mountain Dew and beef jerky. Black box recordings suggest his last words were "James, get the tool box", even though he was the only passenger aboard."

  • Gavin Humphryes
    Gavin Humphryes 28 days ago+22

    I been around airplanes helicopters all my life. Helicopters are a maintenance nightmare huge expense and upkeep. You just don’t jump in and make a test pass. Lol.

  • Aeroworks540
    Aeroworks540 28 days ago+39

    I need to save money and be an adult....
    1 month later GUYS WE NEEDS A HELICOPTER

  • Mc- Dev
    Mc- Dev 28 days ago+16

    I want to know what flea market James goes to that sells second hand Apache helicopters...

  • Stealthee 3k
    Stealthee 3k 28 days ago+13

    When James said "That one." I knew it had to be an Apache.

  • NorthEast Diesel
    NorthEast Diesel 1 months ago+416

    “Florida man does first ever burnout in a helicopter”

  • geirk selim
    geirk selim 28 days ago+11

    "I don't want a bouji helicopter"

  • Jokey Jesus
    Jokey Jesus 28 days ago+11

    Normal car youtubers: I just want a high horsepower car
    Cleetus mcsender: I'm buying a mother trucking helicopter!

  • Knarrly Boy
    Knarrly Boy 28 days ago+15

    If James is working on it, it will probably be first nitrous powered heli.

  • Erik Karlonas
    Erik Karlonas 28 days ago+24

    Gotta love when Cooper and his girlfriend pick on Cleetus! Always down for a good laugh!