Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

  • Published on:  12/23/2018
  • Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time.

    Gary Guz: @gariksuharik

    Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food.


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    Dressed herring with juice
    Yingko/Getty Images
    Vintage national flag of Russia background
    myistock88/Getty Images

    Gary Cherkassky


  • Meg Hodge
    Meg Hodge an hour ago

    The American girl is really cute

  • Artem Harb
    Artem Harb 7 hours ago

    This video would start WW3

  • Oksana Sum
    Oksana Sum 8 hours ago

    lol, RED CAVIAR in the Soviet Union Union?! In the movies!!!!? :))) you guys are so wrong! It was only eaten on New Years eve celebration or weddings and such and ONLY if you could actually acquire it, as if you'd had БЛАТ somewhere, which 90% of the population hadn't! :) Besides, you put too much of it on to actually taste good, of course the salt took over all other tastes :)

  • Lydia Efternamn
    Lydia Efternamn 11 hours ago

    I am polish so we have pretty similar cuisine and I love it

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 13 hours ago

    So the Russians stole the French cheesecake recipe and named it Napoleon.

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 13 hours ago

    It isn't a Russian food if it doesn't have маюнез.

  • MC King-Minecraft
    MC King-Minecraft 14 hours ago

    0:17 wait tf they're Russian?!

  • Jeepers Nuts
    Jeepers Nuts 14 hours ago


  • Beauty Is My Duty
    Beauty Is My Duty 16 hours ago

    no this is not russian traditional food ....the pea thing salad thing thats called rossols and its latvian traditional salad this made me cringe when they said its russian traditional salad

  • JOHN CENA 2019
    JOHN CENA 2019 17 hours ago

    vodka balalayka matryoshka hohloma kremlin!Сраные Пиндосы,как вам может не нравится руссишь еда??

  • Alucard HELLSING
    Alucard HELLSING 17 hours ago

    To se zove ruska salata glupaci.

  • Olga Stepanov
    Olga Stepanov 19 hours ago

    4:08 ikra litterally translates to fish eggs, EXCEPT it's called caviar in USA

  • Polymer Notes
    Polymer Notes 23 hours ago

    How can you not love оливье?😂😂

  • Е Ко
    Е Ко 23 hours ago

    I’ve tried and liked most of this food!

  • human blood
    human blood yesterday

    Мне нравится, как бомбят русские: "вы чо, этож вкуснотища, вы себе рецепторы бургерами убили напрочь и что это за тосты перед едой?!"
    На самом деле, я очень жалею, что им не предложили холодец, который и русский-то не каждый выдержит.

  • Leaholea
    Leaholea yesterday

    Was this supposed to be funny?? It felt very forced and angry. Buzzfeed’s truly running out of ideas and/or interesting panelists

  • Barbara Wasilak
    Barbara Wasilak yesterday

    what is she nervous??!! she eats DOGS, she shouldn't be nervous

  • Joe jaimes
    Joe jaimes yesterday

    Asian girl seemed rude

  • Shauna Saucier
    Shauna Saucier yesterday

    🤣🤣 who is that white dude with the long hair 😩 loved him 😂 good video 👍🏼 🇺🇸

  • ASTR1D88
    ASTR1D88 yesterday

    The people here were super biased and anti-Russian. A lot of the first dishes were just potato salad