How Overnight Shipping Works

  • Published on:  2/13/2018
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  • Tinfu Yiu 4 months ago

    I dont know if you can see this message, but I really wanted to know how these logistics companies sort addresses and deliver the goods in the most efficient way. Cheers. Keep up on the good work!

  • Ana 9 months ago

    I just thought truck drivers were hauling ass all night, grand theft auto style lmaooo

  • Trucker Wolv 10 days ago

    Ana maybe 20-30 years ago but these days we truck drivers are federally regulated to hell. We can only work 14 hours a day (3 hours for unloading/unloading) and drive 11 hours a day before we have to take a full 10 hour break. We do haul packages and mail but anything overnight would be something like Columbus Ohio to Indianapolis Indiana, or Indianapolis to Chicago...routes we can drive easy within the hours we are legally able to work. Overnight from a place like New York to Los Angeles would take at...

  • Wepa, Inc. 13 days ago


  • mike watters 10 months ago

    fed ex are teaming up with UPS. the new firm will be called fed up

  • msi 16 days ago

    Ups is btw oops in german

  • QANTAS 001 29 days ago

    @Errorfixxer91 ROBLOX & More cursing sucks and you are not funny.

  • Mister Bubbel 10 months ago

    Delivery may take F I V E T O S E V E N B U S I N E S S D A Y S

  • CreepyCat18 yesterday

    lol thats nothing sometimes

  • Sgt Dornan 14 days ago

    Then It takes 50000000 to 70000000 century’s

  • Lilia J 8 months ago

    if you're watching this, then you're probably waiting for a package

  • Mexican Andy 15 hours ago


  • LoLoMeadows 18 hours ago

    Nah. I'm just bored.

  • 911gp 9 months ago

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  • David Rayman 1 months ago

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  • Rex Sexson 2 months ago

    Ups is brought to you by absorbing the entire income of ky.

  • sc0tte1 1 months ago

    How overnight shipping works: 1. Nighttime comes.2. Package is shipped.

  • when you hear the tone of his voice change at the near end of the video thats when you knowthis video was sponsored by squarespace

  • Flamingo 7 months ago

    *Meanwhile im waiting over 6 days for FedEx Ground to ship my shoes from Denver, which is only a 60 minute drive for us*

  • uruiamnot 2 days ago

    You realize that FedEx bought RPS a number of years ago and re-painted their trucks FedEx Ground (a new business segment)? You've probably never heard of RPS, but it was deplorable. FedEx is registered as an airline... don't get ground shipments from them.

  • Andrew Thorpe 24 days ago

    @Muhammad Khairul Umar Mohamed Yes but remember if you pay someone say $30 dollars per hour as a delivery driver, then one single package would essentially cost $30 shipping + commission.

  • I might have to grumble and complain just a LITTLE less next time my package doesn't arrive on time ;)

  • Marie Ba 21 days ago

    Toyota4runner TrdPro16 ouch

  • Fox T. 1 months ago

    @Toyota4runner TrdPro16 oooooo i would complain