BTS (방탄소년단) & BigHit staff sweet moments!

  • Published on:  11/16/2018
  • BTS (방탄소년단) & BigHit staff sweet moments!
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    Credit: Big Hit, Bangtan TV

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  • Lùn ARMY
    Lùn ARMY 10 days ago

    Phải cmơn rất nhìu tới các star vì cs các anh cj mới tạo lên 7 anh của ngày hơm nay

  • Jolie Dyess
    Jolie Dyess 12 days ago

    This video is basically bts being tortured and then the staff members help them

  • Cheng Peng
    Cheng Peng 12 days ago

    ເຫັນ ໃຈຜົ້ງສາລີ

  • Asma Nikhath
    Asma Nikhath 12 days ago+1

    I wish I could be a member of their staff but i am an indian and i don't understand Korean
    So sad ............

  • RAHAF *
    RAHAF * 13 days ago+1

    What is the? 11:08 🤗

  • мσσи Moon
    мσσи Moon 13 days ago

    Wanna be BTS STAFFF FOR 100000 YEARS


    12:48 what ??? 😂

  • kim tae tae
    kim tae tae 18 days ago

    4:28 tan lindo

  • Beatriz Campos
    Beatriz Campos 18 days ago

    Eu só queria ser quem seca o suor do bts

  • saz saz57
    saz saz57 20 days ago

    That moment when you feel how lucky they are🌚💔

  • Enkhe Darmaev
    Enkhe Darmaev 25 days ago

    хен и нуна спешат на помощь

  • 한별
    한별 26 days ago


  • Chave Montefalco
    Chave Montefalco 27 days ago

    2:09 "Fake love" or mali lang ako ng rinig?😂 HAHAHA

  • Mae Yen Lee
    Mae Yen Lee 1 months ago

    wait wait WAS THAT RETAINERS IN THE LAST CLIP????? jungkook wore retainers??

  • Lalalalala!
    Lalalalala! 1 months ago

    OMG I love seeing their staff be a appreciated by ARMYs. We know how hard they work

  • Lalalalala!
    Lalalalala! 1 months ago

    0:22 can I be that English speaking staff member?

  • Valeria Uriostegui
    Valeria Uriostegui 1 months ago

    Soooooo Cute

  • MAM
    MAM 1 months ago

    It was so sad when JK was feeling unwell but when the staff said "are your socks your pride?" i couldn't help but smile. They're so cute and caring

  • yoongifies / chiminie
    yoongifies / chiminie 1 months ago


  • Le Thi Sang
    Le Thi Sang 1 months ago

    chây hốp lòi lông nách