YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018



  • FBE
    FBE  16 days ago+1452

    The trending list in this episode was created by YouTube and posted in this article:
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  • Ash Rose
    Ash Rose 14 minutes ago

    Gotta love Texas

  • Angel Wolf
    Angel Wolf 44 minutes ago

    I watched the survival vids before they were popular and then it became popular and I was surprised

  • Danika Reid
    Danika Reid an hour ago

    I tied with Alyx lol

  • fairytell
    fairytell an hour ago

    I GOT 9!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pink and Proud
    Pink and Proud 2 hours ago+1

    Liza’s the cutest 😂😂❤️❤️😂😂

  • Eva Karagulian
    Eva Karagulian 2 hours ago

    i got 4 out of 10

  • not a koreaboo
    not a koreaboo 3 hours ago


  • Angelina S
    Angelina S 3 hours ago

    i got 3 freaking points😡😡

  • sara coal
    sara coal 3 hours ago

    8 pointsss!!!!

  • Alfredo Rios
    Alfredo Rios 4 hours ago

    F u arin hanson

  • Stella McVey
    Stella McVey 6 hours ago+21

    Yall did not have to do Liza dirty like that smh

  • Spidey Girl
    Spidey Girl 6 hours ago+3

    I don't hear laurel or yanny! I hear yammy!!...... So I guess I hear yanny?

  • Estarya
    Estarya 6 hours ago

    That was interesting, I got a few points even tho' I absolutely do not follow any trends on youtube or social medias... so yeah I went random and got 4 points eh

  • sarah queen
    sarah queen 6 hours ago+1

    David and Lizaaaa

  • Carel Kruger
    Carel Kruger 8 hours ago+1

    any one else heard the Slack message ?

  • Hagji Albakov
    Hagji Albakov 8 hours ago+2

    Got all right😉

  • Sheyniqua Mossiah
    Sheyniqua Mossiah 9 hours ago

    Got 8

  • Mon Ad
    Mon Ad 10 hours ago

    I was very surprised because there is a Vietnamese video on the list . I'm Vietnamese but I still haven't heard or seen it before

  • Mariam Miri
    Mariam Miri 10 hours ago+5

    This was uploaded on my birthday