Under the Cover with Escape at Dannemora

  • Published on:  11/15/2018
  • The cast of Showtime's Escape at Dannemora describe the benefits and challenges of shooting in original locations, the difficulties of transforming into real criminals and the talent of director Ben Stiller.


  • CliffJumpingProd
    CliffJumpingProd 8 months ago+23

    Benicio is maybe the best actor alive

  • Eunice Phoenix
    Eunice Phoenix 9 months ago+9

    🙏🙏 what a cast!! Omg!

  • Jay Poole
    Jay Poole 9 months ago+15

    P.A. killed it in episode 1...they all did really, but she really made me really happy to not live in Northern NY in Winter and just not be her/her husband. I try and not judge but it was so hard to watch while at the same time being so fascinated. I watched it twice and may even watch a 3rd time. Totally blown away. So far, two enthusiastic thumbs up to Ben and all the actors! WOW!!!

  • larryfine88
    larryfine88 8 months ago+6

    These actors suffered more than actual NY State prisoners.

  • BrownEye Girl
    BrownEye Girl 5 months ago+2

    Kudos Ben Stiller!! I had my doubts but I was proven wrong!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • cindy Newjersey
    cindy Newjersey 5 months ago+1

    Benecio owns this role as usual! Best actor alive! Gorgeous too! All of these actors were amazing! Ben Stiller impressively directed this, way to go to this whole series☺️☺️☺️

  • dana brichtova
    dana brichtova 7 months ago+4

    Excellent series 👌🏼

  • VedderTheFixer
    VedderTheFixer 2 months ago+1

    Master class from del Toro. The other two were brilliant too but he overshadows everything

  • Cmp 591
    Cmp 591 8 months ago+3

    Amazing series! Great work can't wait for more!!

  • deborah lariscy
    deborah lariscy 4 months ago+1

    Truth can def be stranger than fiction. Great cast.

  • Steve Redenbaugh
    Steve Redenbaugh 7 months ago+1

    Patricia gives me a Chubby

  • Rene Marrero
    Rene Marrero 8 months ago+3

    Really good

  • Ray Audelo
    Ray Audelo 8 months ago+2

    Great show !!

  • Craig Goldreyer
    Craig Goldreyer 7 months ago

    GREAT SHOW !!!!!!!