• Catch Em All Fishing
    Catch Em All Fishing 4 months ago+2048

    Actually a genius idea!

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 hours ago

    You are the best one at catching fish

  • Cazza- Azza
    Cazza- Azza 2 hours ago

    U just tossed the little blue Gil into the water! 😠

  • LostWorld Crew
    LostWorld Crew 8 hours ago

    You are not going through this ever anymore

  • Dija Savickaite
    Dija Savickaite 12 hours ago+1

    I love fish......But I don't like eating them only my family likes to I'm the only one that dose no like fish

  • Unicorn x Brownies
    Unicorn x Brownies 17 hours ago

    When cutting the box he was using the wrong side of the knife 😆

  • Jaina Delacruz
    Jaina Delacruz yesterday

    And they go in water learn man geeeeeeeeeeze😕

  • Jaina Delacruz
    Jaina Delacruz yesterday

    That's a turtle genius I wish you were smart cause even I know that 😅😅����😅😰😰😰😰😡😡😡😡😁😁😁😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • lil Memes
    lil Memes yesterday

    His nose is like a pigs nose haha I love it 😂

  • lil Memes
    lil Memes yesterday

    Hahaha look at his nose

  • Danna Plauche
    Danna Plauche yesterday

    Once again route to animals

  • Ninjaboy
    Ninjaboy yesterday

    Dude the picture in the front it a diffrent turtle that turtle is a soft shell turtle

  • Carmen Clouds
    Carmen Clouds yesterday

    WOW that’s cool!

  • Dawn Black
    Dawn Black yesterday

    Me and my cousin Wyatt caught a turtle like that about 10x that size

  • Ellis TUBB
    Ellis TUBB yesterday

    It's a soft shell hog nosed turtle

  • Coryna Schmidt
    Coryna Schmidt yesterday

    Its a good idea, but also we expected the turtle. IT'S THE NA

  • Ali Aun
    Ali Aun yesterday

    What is this

  • Adi Freedom888
    Adi Freedom888 yesterday

    hahahahaha orang miskin selop butut baju kuyak kuyak

  • Santino Estrella
    Santino Estrella 2 days ago

    Turtle’s breathe air that’s why they have long nose and what you got is not a baby

  • Charlie Packard
    Charlie Packard 2 days ago