BIGGEST Homemade Squishy Collection EVER (memory foam, polyfoam, makeup sponges and decorated)

  • Published on:  3/29/2018
  • This is the BIGGEST homemade squishy collection I have seen on the internet. I go through them one by one so you guys can see all of them! Even though I've made over 300 squishies, this is not the end! I am still going to be releasing new homemade squishy updates and due to a huge number of request, TUTORIALS are coming soon! :)

    IMPORTANT: I explain all of this more thoroughly in my updates, but since there were so many squishies to go through, I didn't have time to explain everything. Most of the squishies you will see are made from POLYFOAM which is an expanding foam that you use in molds. I did make them myself, but they are not hand-cut like typical homemade squishies. I have a tutorial on my channel. ALSO, I did include decorated squishies in here which are store bought and just painted on (all hello kitty donuts and the swirly ice cream cones).


    Probably 95% of these are my own original designs. Occasionally I will use inspiration from someone else, but I always try to give credit in my updates.
    Feel free to take any of my ideas for designs, no need to ask permission!


    –289 TOTAL squishies in this video. I've made over 300 hundred including ones I have sold.
    –mostly made from polyfoam, but also includes memory foam, makeup sponge and decorated squishies
    –Oldest squishy is a year and a half old
    – Besides the density foam hardening a little (only where pieces are glued together), there are no defects or missing pieces
    (I found the tag that was missing from the strawberry hello kitty donut, it was laying in the box LOL)
    –Most used words/phrases in this video: CAKE, rainbow, favorite

    *Sorry if my commentary gets a little repetitive at points. It is harder than it looks to come up with unique commentary for 300 squishies haha


    Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos


    Some Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.

    WHERE TO BUY MY BOOK: this book






  • Morgan Casey (Dec 21, 2018)

    I decided to count the amount of each kind of squishy she did. (What have I gotten myself into?)Ice cream 14Donuts 41Bundt cakes 9Cake slices 52Cookies 16Macarons 2Marshmallows 6Cinnamon rolls 2Chocolate bars 2Brownies/Brownie cakes 8Candy apples 2Popsicles 8Lollipops 4Hamburgers/Sandwiches 2Klondike bars 8Moon pie 3Cupcakes/Muffins 41Twinkie things/Cake rolls/Cake loafs 16Watermelons 2Pies 2Pop tarts 8Bread/buns/bread rolls 6Misc. 23Also...There were 61 pastel squishiesThe...

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  • Elieelleez (1 day ago)

    WOW in real life that probebely be a mount full thank you

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  • Sloan Vogler (2 hours ago)

    I love it 🥰

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    Me!! Slime is a close second of liking though!

  • Tea Nauha (Mar 10, 2019)

    *You should make an Opey squishy*

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    I m pretty sure that moriahs cat is spelt Opie

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    When.she showed the orange creamcicle I thought it was real LOL

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    I'm proud to say I MADE IT TO THE END!!!!Btw- I think Moriah should make her own brand of squishies and sell them in stores. Like if you agree. 👍

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    I love how she was able to make the chocolate bar squishy actually crack like a chocolate bar. Like if u agree! I have a YouTube channel too and ur my idol for them!!

  • I always thought the ME was for the word me. Never knew it was for your initials

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