Man Eats Mayonnaise Straight From Jar at Baseball Game

  • Published on:  6/17/2019
  • A fan inside a Memphis minor league baseball stadium is being dubbed "Mayo Man" after cameras caught him eating mayonnaise straight out of a giant container over the weekend. It happened during a Memphis Redbirds game. The Redbirds are the minor league team for the St. Louis Cardinals. "Hold the phone. What is he eating?" tweeted the Redbirds, sharing video of the faux pas. Clint Thrasher works in ticket sales for the Redbirds, leading many to speculate it was a publicity stunt.


  • Andros 1 months ago

    The real scandal is; *A gallon of mayonnaise contains 23,000 CALORIES.*

  • vintage vibes 7 hours ago

    Ibrahim Buul about 9,000 calories more. and not to mention that he’s eating all that in a day.

  • Josh Howie 23 days ago

    Bulking season.

  • Wood Slayer 13 days ago

    Next video: *Man gets caught breathing air at restaurant*

  • Wood Slayer video after that: MAN SPLASHES WATER IN PUBLIC POOL

  • Ag Jr 1 months ago

    Leave the man alone, and let him eat his mayonnaise. Not everything needs social media involved.

  • itsEllie xo 5 days ago

    Line snap how the hell could he kill someone 😂🙄🙄

  • aveRAGE MASTER 24 days ago

    Ag Jr I agree with youJust leave the damn man alone

  • Clout_flex 1 months ago

    You guys make a big deal about everything

  • Ah Boi4 27 days ago

    Clout_flex IKR

  • pinkguy 109 18 days ago

    This dude is seriously being recorded on the news for eating Mayo...I finna eat 10 pounds of ketchup at the next Football game.

  • Let this man eat his damn mayo.

  • Jeremy Cerdas 4 days ago

    I read this comment a lot of times and I still laugh at it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Jay 17 days ago


  • Tobias Sayre 21 days ago

    *eats pineapple at the park* Inside edition: Man eats pineapple at park???🤨

  • dior awesomeness 20 days ago

    This man just minding his business eatin mayo and gets ridiculed online jeez LET PEOPLE LIVE 😂

  • Chelsea 015 11 days ago

    LET HIM EAT HIS MAYO IN PEACE We all have werid food cravings at any point (including me)

  • HowMeNoWorin whooey 23 days ago

    1960s: We will have interesting stories in the future2019: *Man found eating mayonnaise at baseball game*

  • Kami No Yami 20 days ago

    1960s: man found eating mayonnaise at baseball game2019: We will have interesting stories in the future

  • Shvrs 21 days ago