Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan



  • 23LBJ SupremeKing 9 months ago

    She's so pretty but i can tell she's shy and doesnt think she's pretty..but she is

  • Dinnik Beats 2 days ago

    Those are usually the best and most down to earth type of girls.

  • Jamil Ayiro 3 months ago

    23LBJ SupremeKing r

  • J C 9 months ago

    When she admitted that she was practicing her speech under the towel because she wasn’t “that good at talking” she stole my heart. I was like OMG ME TOO!!! I CAN RELATE!! And the fact that she was completely honest about it and didn’t feel the need to change her persona (even for the Ellen show) is just awesome sauce.. love her!

  • KDonkey4lyf 10 days ago

    "awesome sauce"???

  • Boredgirlivy 8 months ago

    J C right the honesty was like aww

  • Kenichi Tanaka 9 months ago

    Though she is speaking English, her character is totally Japanese.

  • Hilaria Shiweda 16 hours ago

    So your race/nationality defines your character??....well she is half Haitain/black, is that part of her recessive??

  • Jayden Prince 2 days ago


  • April Israelson 8 months ago

    Naomi Osaka is like that adorable character who is like "you guys, i'm serious. don't call me adorable." but everyone is just like "aw <3 "

  • WHY  1 months ago


  • Tyrone Mawela 2 months ago

    She very Japanese in her shyness lol

  • OO7angelo 9 months ago

    She is too adorable . Such a beautiful personality, very humble also. The world is a brighter place with a kind hearted person like Naomi in it.

  • Wolfgang cutthroat 28 days ago

    What personality??? I see the personality of a rock.

  • Lloyd Gittens 4 months ago

    All BLACK people are HUMBLE.

  • Yeo Kenjjo 9 months ago

    She’s not a young Serena, she is Naomi Osaka. She is herself

  • Larry Anderson 9 hours ago

    @Emotionally Challenged Subordinate sounds like your mom cheated the world by not aborting you

  • 49jubilee 26 days ago

    She's as tall as Serena though

  • shiragami 9 months ago

    *"Oh Michael B. Jordan""Yeah""Yes""NO"*

  • Sarah Absher 9 months ago

    Excellent interview! I feel so bad other interview she's had when they're just constantly asking her about Serena. Thank you Ellen for making it about her

  • sweatysis 4 months ago

    ATL 1. she’s the winner, not serena. at least ask her about HERSELF not, serena.

  • Lifestyle Tips 7 months ago

    Totally agree with u 👌

  • 007Chakochi 9 months ago

    Her humility and shyness is refreshing and cute. Ellen didn’t get room to wriggle like with other celebrities

  • Sunday 50 9 months ago

    She can hardly speak Japanese but she really seems like a Japanese girl

  • Mai 17 days ago

    @Rap Cat shes biracial

  • The Entertainment 21 days ago

    @Robert Miller No. Men don't push people out of their vaginas.