Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan



  • globalcitizenn
    globalcitizenn 11 months ago+4032

    Hollywood is so confused by Naomi.. she is neither Narcissistic, Materialistic nor superficial. She is modest, humble, soft spoken yet firm and assertive and very very smart. Also she has that one thing sorely missing in Hollywood.. Innocence.

  • Kenichi Tanaka
    Kenichi Tanaka 11 months ago+1582

    Though she is speaking English, her character is totally Japanese.

  • OO7angelo
    OO7angelo 11 months ago+3155

    She is too adorable . Such a beautiful personality, very humble also. The world is a brighter place with a kind hearted person like Naomi in it.

  • April Israelson
    April Israelson 11 months ago+3238

    Naomi Osaka is like that adorable character who is like "you guys, i'm serious. don't call me adorable." but everyone is just like "aw <3 "

  • J C
    J C 11 months ago+2315

    When she admitted that she was practicing her speech under the towel because she wasn’t “that good at talking” she stole my heart. I was like OMG ME TOO!!! I CAN RELATE!! And the fact that she was completely honest about it and didn’t feel the need to change her persona (even for the Ellen show) is just awesome sauce.. love her!

  • Yeo Kenjjo
    Yeo Kenjjo 11 months ago+5909

    She’s not a young Serena, she is Naomi Osaka. She is herself

  • Sarah Absher
    Sarah Absher 11 months ago+1946

    Excellent interview! I feel so bad other interview she's had when they're just constantly asking her about Serena. Thank you Ellen for making it about her

  • J Pretty
    J Pretty 11 months ago+1419

    She so shy Literally speaks without opening her mouth 😭

  • Devabrata Saikia
    Devabrata Saikia 11 months ago+1272

    She just killed a giant and still she is so meek ..... Champion character

  • Sunday 50
    Sunday 50 11 months ago+1771

    She can hardly speak Japanese but she really seems like a Japanese girl

  • 23LBJ SupremeKing
    23LBJ SupremeKing 11 months ago+9209

    She's so pretty but i can tell she's shy and doesnt think she's pretty..but she is

  • Benedict Ng
    Benedict Ng 11 months ago+925

    The way she said “no” to Ellen asking to text Michael Jordan, with that smile is so so so precious ☺️

  • rodentcafeteria
    rodentcafeteria 11 months ago+941

    She's a real sweetheart. Not the least bit jaded. Ellen reminded her that she won $3.6 million and she literally did not flinch!

  • Adam Naaman
    Adam Naaman 6 months ago+635

    Whose here after Australian open win?

  • Mary Le
    Mary Le 11 months ago+438

    *"Oh Michael B. Jordan"

  • Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie

    She is so adorable and seems so unbelievably humble. This made me giggle and smile so much ✌🏻♥️

  • Manning Bartlett
    Manning Bartlett 6 months ago+515

    It is unfortunate that her US Open win was surrounded by controversy (which she did not deserve). But her Australian Open win was gutsy, thrilling and undeniable. She is an amazing player and she will become a true superstar of the game.

  • Esben Rasmussen
    Esben Rasmussen 11 months ago+371

    She is so Japanese

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander 11 months ago+432

    As a Haitian woman, I am so proud to see a Haitian woman dominate in Tennis

  • lilly baker
    lilly baker 9 months ago+443

    MBJ: hey wanna go to the creed 2 premiere?

    Naomi: wakanda clothes should I wear?
    get it😂
    no? ok I'm out ✌