I stole his car.. then surprised him with his DREAM SUPER CAR!!



  • FaZe Rug (Sep 12, 2018)

    The prank was a fail... But that made the surprise even better ;) LET'S SEE HOW MANY LIKES WE CAN GET ON THIS VIDEO!!

  • Sebastian Medina vlogs (Apr 2, 2019)

    FaZe Rug lol

  • Ninja Kevin player (Mar 29, 2019)

    FaZe Rug yes i love furrari

  • Soccer Pro (Sep 12, 2018)


  • Rebreakings (1 day ago)

    Soccer Pro mad disrespect for not buying it for him 😤

  • Anthony Sushinskiy (Mar 24, 2019)

    Soccer Pro me

  • Ryan Eubanks (Nov 2, 2018)

    U made it seem like u bought it

  • S34R Remiix (2 days ago)

    +Tristan Stathos apparently rug threw all his money down the drain cause he rented it had to invest in them condos or he woulda been hella broke

  • XxKawaii PlayzxX (Mar 29, 2019)

    +Tristan Stathos lmaooooo

  • SoullessBRUH Gaming (Feb 2, 2019)

    You should have just wrote SURPRISING MY FRIEND WITH A RENTAL CAR

  • Spark rainbo (Nov 17, 2018)

    That was rudeIt was rented

  • Blue Dino (Mar 21, 2019)

    I’d still be happy

  • +BTS ARMY When I was little, I swear I've seen an Lamborghini. Ever since then, that's been one of my favorites, other than Ferrai.

  • Eclipseopticx (Jan 7, 2019)

    99% comments “rental car”

  • Erick Gomez (Sep 12, 2018)

    Do a Lamborghini vs Ferrari vs bmw i8 race !!!!! Like if you agree so rug can make this video!!!!

  • Albert Vidal (Apr 8, 2019)

    Yeah with a million dollar mods lmao

  • Not Jona (Sep 13, 2018)

    Hell yea

  • Mr JukeDz (Mar 12, 2019)

    I bought Dennis a car.... for a week

  • - luzicα - (Jan 29, 2019)

    Everyone is talking about they’re dream car. Sooo my dream car is...A golf car :D

  • Isai Avalo (2 days ago)


  • abhiram ayala (Mar 12, 2019)

    My dream car is a keonigsegg Agera R like if it is urs toEdit- thanks most amount of likes ever

  • abhiram ayala (Mar 27, 2019)

    My bad mate it was by Mistake

  • yungred CHASE (Mar 27, 2019)

    +dudesonismyhero 💀😂😂dead