I stole his car.. then surprised him with his DREAM SUPER CAR!!



  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  3 months ago+3171

    The prank was a fail... But that made the surprise even better ;) LET'S SEE HOW MANY LIKES WE CAN GET ON THIS VIDEO!!

  • Jonathan Pope
    Jonathan Pope 4 hours ago

    Dream car is not a super car but it's a 4 rotor FB rx7 with a single turbo

  • Oliver
    Oliver 9 hours ago


  • Kevin Surya
    Kevin Surya 13 hours ago

    Race with me

  • omar Alejo
    omar Alejo 20 hours ago

    My favorite Super car is a mclaren

  • kevin wisniewski
    kevin wisniewski yesterday

    Woww threw your brother right under the bus i hope he wouldn’t commit a real crime with you

  • kevin wisniewski
    kevin wisniewski yesterday

    Not my dream car but I’d definitely take one if someone wanted to give one to me loll

  • Bianca Ramos
    Bianca Ramos yesterday

    Riva 💖

  • Aron Fernandes
    Aron Fernandes 2 days ago


  • Prodigy Pumpz
    Prodigy Pumpz 3 days ago

    suscribe to me please

  • Alin YTB
    Alin YTB 3 days ago

    i see you have the money judging by how well the ads are spaced

  • Nomcebo Potongwane
    Nomcebo Potongwane 3 days ago

    So rich

  • Zabian Tamayo
    Zabian Tamayo 4 days ago

    My dream car is Lamboghini Huracane Performante!

  • James Reotutar
    James Reotutar 4 days ago

    Globe my sim im from phillipines

  • James Reotutar
    James Reotutar 4 days ago

    Bro plzz give me some loads plzzz
    My number 09279324319 100 or 500 plzz
    Im your fans tnx

  • James Reotutar
    James Reotutar 4 days ago

    Give away plzz

  • Exo Gamer II
    Exo Gamer II 5 days ago

    Yo fazerug pewdiepie needs some help

  • knife lover
    knife lover 5 days ago

    Sorry dude mines the ford mustang

  • Simeon Essuman
    Simeon Essuman 5 days ago

    My dream car is a Lamborghini

  • Raphael Chavez
    Raphael Chavez 5 days ago