Proving The Earth Is Flat!

  • Published on:  4/22/2017
  • In honor of Earth Day, we decided to finally put an end to the ridiculous argument of whether the Earth is round or flat.Watch Bloopers and BTS here: Tour info and Pre-order links "how to write good" Launched New Official Store Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • the whiter ksi
    the whiter ksi 3 months ago+6861

    this is how many brain cells I’ve lost
    well looks like i’m dead 🤣

  • Brayden P.
    Brayden P. 2 months ago+944

    "I'm a leo"
    "I'm... uninterested"

  • Pòke Packer
    Pòke Packer 1 months ago+172

    I still don’t understand how they come up with this logic that ACTUALLY works

  • batcat258 batcat258
    batcat258 batcat258 2 months ago+202

    Ryan : proving that earth is flat
    Google : hold my beer

  • Navint Abrar Oliver
    Navint Abrar Oliver 2 months ago+391

    Elon musk: The earth is round
    Nigahiga: Im going to ruin this guy carrier

  • Nicholas Dreesen
    Nicholas Dreesen 2 years ago+4032

    why don't flat earthers organize a trip to the edge of the earth?

  • Asphyxiation Of Arruhu
    Asphyxiation Of Arruhu 2 months ago+120

    it's 2019 already, but i still wonder is SMVEMJSUN actually a reference to FLDSMDFR?

  • GamerComedies - Roblox Minecraft Adventures

    NASA should do a program bringing flat-Earthers to space

  • Mr Overlord
    Mr Overlord 2 months ago+29

    The real question is, do women really FART?

  • Ryan Hurtado
    Ryan Hurtado 1 months ago+102

    Trying to prove the earth is flat
    Accidentally proved Uranus is Illuminati 7:16

  • slashingswords 227
    slashingswords 227 2 years ago+5245

    My mom thinks i am watching a documentry

  • Fatima Hamayun Sajjad
    Fatima Hamayun Sajjad 1 months ago+80

    Me: I’ll learned the earth is a fart
    Teacher: the earths a solid
    Me: so your saying the earths poop

  • DDSrollydawg !
    DDSrollydawg ! 2 months ago+37

    I think Logan Paul watched this

  • Miguel Matheus
    Miguel Matheus 21 days ago+31

    This dude bouta give me an existential crisis from fake facts 😭😭😂

  • Y can’t I change my profile Picture

    The idiots arguing between flat and round Earth. Wait till I drop the truth on them
    Shows picture of Minecraft’s cube world

  • Jmane 2141
    Jmane 2141 2 years ago+1311

    do "proving that cats have 9 lives"

  • Ripe_Mortal
    Ripe_Mortal 3 days ago+4

    FLATULENCE! HA! Man, you need some brains to figure that one out.

  • Amitesh Pandey
    Amitesh Pandey 28 days ago+12

    Dear Ryan,
    Make a video about aliens in area 51

  • Loser. DerpyDuck
    Loser. DerpyDuck 28 days ago+22

    The Earth is flat.
    Mountains: Am I a joke to you?

  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen 1 months ago+28

    Earth is a hoax. We actually live on the planet Flubberwubbergungus and it is a hexagon made of cheese. Wake up sheeples!