I Bought a 2005 Ford GT - My Dream Car!

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • I bought a 2005 Ford GT. It's the most insane, ridiculous thing I've ever done, and the most money I've ever spent -- but the Ford GT is one of my all-time favorite cars. Today I'm showing you the Ford GT I bought!

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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  2 months ago+10916

    THIS ... is a lot of anxiety. But I hope you like my new car!

  • Pelt Down Posse
    Pelt Down Posse 18 hours ago

    Congratulations man. I love that car. I want one. Follow your dream. Hey...you can sell it when you are done with it.

  • blkbelt203
    blkbelt203 23 hours ago

    One of my fav cars of all time.

  • Quân Nguyễn Minh

    So you buy 1/3 of a house :)

  • iamandreja
    iamandreja 2 days ago

    Happy for you man, enjoy the car! :)

  • Dean Fletcher
    Dean Fletcher 2 days ago

    Doug the type of guy who doesn't like expensive things but has had almost every Super car.

  • Jason Hart
    Jason Hart 2 days ago

    That's a beautiful car, Doug. Congratulations!! By the way, I really like the color, too.

  • Vortex Video Games
    Vortex Video Games 2 days ago

    1st... Congrats Doug. Great car!
    2nd... I feel like if this car was branded "Maserati" - Doug would rip this thing apart.
    Even still, awesome buy. Enjoy it man.

  • FranciscoS
    FranciscoS 3 days ago

    You totally deserve this....you are very good at what you do. To me the best. It says alot about the car that you brought it. I appreciate you and its good to see you happy.

  • The people with good looking hair

    Congrats Doug, you deserve this. Hope you enjoy the new whip.

  • who nose epic
    who nose epic 4 days ago+1

    I love driving my Ford GT
    in the video game called Blur :(

  • lustyCaveperson
    lustyCaveperson 4 days ago

    hey I just bought a 4 years newer ford as my first car... for 4299 euro or 4877 dollar (and 470hp less) :D someday I might be able to get something like this ! grats on this man

  • Sean John
    Sean John 4 days ago

    Nice GT Doug bro .. you guys go good together

  • Johnlim Male
    Johnlim Male 4 days ago

    Why he didnt get 2018 Ford GT

  • john newman
    john newman 4 days ago

    It's a great car Doug, and don't sweat the decision to spend the money - you work hard, your videos bring a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people, you earned it! Enjoy :-)

  • Admiral Quality
    Admiral Quality 4 days ago

    Thanks for the confirmation that your parents were separated.


    he talks alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt standing outside the car
    better if he sit in car and talk less

  • Jose Alcantara
    Jose Alcantara 5 days ago

    I love this car, hope to be able to buy one, someday, there is also a lot ot history behind the original Ford GT, it was a Lemans Winner in the late 60s. Enjoy ..!!!

  • Siddharth K.Sekher
    Siddharth K.Sekher 5 days ago

    You should make this a custom car

  • Rafael Félix
    Rafael Félix 5 days ago

    If you liked the GT you should try the Detomaso Pantera; I think they are quite similar