Jeff Ross Funniest Roasts of All Time

  • Published on:  9/6/2018
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  • Phil Dinh 9 months ago

    That Shaq = gorilla joke would so not fly today.

  • MK ULTRA 5 hours ago

    @Andrew Y So true... But most are too stupid to understand your comment... 100% truth

  • MK ULTRA 5 hours ago

    @Einhärjar Most people are too stupid to realize it though..... Thanks for your honesty.... I agree 100%

  • Alex Carey 3 months ago

    "Your knuckles look scratched, did you walk here"

  • Rick Howard 2 days ago

    Stolen from Don rickles roasts

  • Miscellaneous Mind 5 days ago

    That was funny.

  • you’re right but 19 days ago

    “It’s like Trump built a wall around just you”I’m dead 😂😂

  • diggi juri 3 months ago

    He went from looking 38 to 65 real fast

  • 300096586 5 days ago

    Chemo is a cunt. Beat it on your own or lose gracefully imo.

  • Jacob Logan 5 days ago

    Your not kidding.

  • Sapostropheez 3 months ago

    Back when people didn't get immediately butt-hurt over everything...

  • white vanilla 4 days ago

    @0v0 Dashawn I responded to "I don't think I've ever seen a black person offended" dumbass

  • 0v0 Dashawn 4 days ago

    @white vanilla Lmao how is wearing a maga hat a joke? That has no relation

  • Nick Soccer 6 months ago

    "i've seen hostage videos with bigger budget" lmao

  • JamesO19991 6 days ago

    destroy hands down!! I damn near started crying 😂

  • Austin Starke 2 months ago

    That was a good one

  • Smul 3 months ago

    By watching this video, i learned that he pretty much makes three jokes and then shuts up. So he doesn't offend people 😂

  • Sam Brown 6 days ago

    he definitely takes his time to see their reactiongood move cause some of them were really hard hitting lol

  • Hooked On Chronics 6 days ago

    Max Ryan so do Menage a Trois

  • Nature Restored 3 months ago

    4:55 The only reason we all came here 😏

  • TheKingOfRuckus yesterday

    Thank you

  • Mike B 3 days ago

    D'lish Donut to each their own, I suppose

  • Reese Booth 3 months ago

    Dancing with the vaguely familiar... holy shit they seemed hurt

  • Franker Zee yesterday

    @man in chair The guy is John Stamos

  • Da_kurlzz3007 9 days ago

    Bogdan Pintilie I didn’t see the part until after the comment 😂

  • RCoverC 3 months ago

    “Those shorts are shorter than the time you spent in high school” 10/10