Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.

    Kamikaze is out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze




  • lakhina Chan
    lakhina Chan 8 hours ago

    What kind of shoes he wearing

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan 20 hours ago

    "I gotta answer this motherf**ker" and the expression on his face is like killshot is on his way bitch...

  • IShipBullshit
    IShipBullshit 22 hours ago

    5:58 sway low key judging him HAHAHHAHAHAH

  • JesseTD
    JesseTD yesterday

    He's got so much 💰 why don't he just chill out and relax...damn enjoy life bro. Why you stressing any of this. MGK was right. Sober and Mad

  • Sadhu Baba
    Sadhu Baba yesterday

    This is how a musician must take his job seriously.

  • w47willrise ?
    w47willrise ? 2 days ago

    MGK is obsolete now

  • Dan Achim
    Dan Achim 2 days ago+1

    GOAT ! period!

  • Panda
    Panda 2 days ago

    *You know what I'm saying?*

  • Daryon Jay
    Daryon Jay 3 days ago+1

    But everybody know Eminem is the goat💯

  • Daryon Jay
    Daryon Jay 3 days ago

    They both did raw diss songs

  • Denis McNamara
    Denis McNamara 4 days ago+1

    Just mention my name and make me famous em:)

  • Felicia Clymer
    Felicia Clymer 4 days ago

    Ever heard the saying leave the past in the past. Well its true. Em is so full of himself.

  • Starman 347
    Starman 347 4 days ago

    I appreciate how Eminem has never been in killer gangs, drug lord, and thug business crap. All these other mumble rappers are constantly going out of their way to brag how hard and tough they are. Eminem who has skills for rap is already intimidating and never had pose for it.

  • Paul Hudson
    Paul Hudson 4 days ago

    Fucking beard is weird lol

  • Moe 93
    Moe 93 4 days ago

    Eminem> Grammys

  • corner kid
    corner kid 4 days ago+1

    you don't got the answers sway!! lmao

    NO ONE YOU KNOW 4 days ago

    The majority love to see artists go at each other, they crave the drama. For most, when they hear a song they don't like to say 'shit that's what I'm going through' as the communication between the artist and themselves stops there, most prefer to hear lyrics which help them contribute towards their favourite artist. I call it "INTERACTIVE DRAMA"

  • Andrew Lancastera
    Andrew Lancastera 5 days ago

    Go Marshal!! Destroy them!!

  • Its Jbunny
    Its Jbunny 5 days ago

    did sway always have a lisp? i dont remember hearing it before. anyone know? google has nothing and now i feel like i havent been listening to his interviews good since 1999 lol

  • Luz María Torres II García

    I feel hurt for Eminem. Fuck you Joe Budden.