Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.Kamikaze is out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikazehttp://eminem.comhttp://facebook.com/eminemhttp://twitter.com/eminemhttp://instagram.com/eminemhttp://eminem.tumblr.comhttp://shadyrecords.comhttp://facebook.com/shadyrecordshttp://twitter.com/shadyrecordshttp://instagram.com/shadyrecordshttp://trustshady.tumblr.com


  • Vincent Ferrito 8 months ago

    MGK made fun of Em for stuttering... there is literally no stuttering. maybe he second guesses how to say some shit... but no stuttering. Then MGK stutters uncontrollably. 😂

  • Edgar Jake's 12 hours ago

    Vincent Ferrito mgk thanks for the meme 😂

  • Guccigangdowner an hour ago

    @5:18 Eminem kinda stutters

  • Sonny Illiano 9 months ago

    Eminem is like the war vet that has to keep going back to war. It’s the only time he feels normal.

  • Breyton Lemons 23 days ago

    @condutchak he has a great vocabulary but uses too much profanity

  • condutchak 26 days ago

    He's James from The Hurt Locker

  • SmurfinWRX 8 months ago

    he's the cool friend you wanna chill with but don't want to piss off lol.

  • SunshineLee2012 3 months ago


  • Jennifer Eddy 5 months ago


  • My Pet Pickle 9 months ago

    Damn, "I want to destroy him but I also don't want to make him bigger." That's gotta be a real dilemma for Eminem when he has beef with someone. Also it probably a pretty scary place for MGK to be.

  • JediNxf7 4 months ago

    Solution : give him a career just to destroy it

  • Justice Lowe 5 months ago

    You could even call it a Dileminem.

  • TheBigRutkowski 9 months ago

    Shit. Eminem is actually kinda scary when he's mad.

  • Breyton Lemons 23 days ago

    @dustybusty 79 he is the only rapper that I know that curse the most

  • dustybusty 79 1 months ago

    omg reallly

  • SHAJWAN AZIZ 8 months ago

    eminem is a legend who’s agree?

  • Kiran K 16 days ago

    @No Trust suck my dick regard

  • please kys 24 days ago

    @No Trust You are an idiot. I went through the people you have subscribed and you have subscribed to fucking Danielle Bregoli so obv you know what rap is. He is literally considered the most lyrical rapper but you think he is overrated. You know I like trolling people, I mean look at my username but sometimes tryhards like you mate...

  • Cannabidiol Products 9 months ago

    Sway & Eminem have a good heart for each other. You can see the twinkle in their eyes. Mutual Respect for one another.

  • That second line is glib, i.e. corny as hell.

  • Detective Loki 2 months ago

    You need to stop smoking my man. That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard!

  • Boo U Whore 9 months ago

    “Did he really diss me tho?” ☠️☠️😭😭😂😂

  • Killer 4lyf 2 days ago

    @Gabriel Brauna Just ignore prolly a lil pump and #free69 go fucking die bruh

  • Gabriel Brauna 28 days ago

    @Anuj Jyothykumar you do this once

  • wanda j 9 months ago

    I like when Eminem said its so many rappers that are better and MGK wasnt even on his radar.

  • Killer 4lyf 2 days ago

    @Vince Carter Lmaooo found a pump fan

  • Vince Carter 2 months ago


  • Powah 9 months ago

    I feel like Sway is low-key Eminem's therapist.

  • Dark Avocado 3 months ago

    Dr Dre said hell no

  • Julian Rodriguez 4 months ago