I Spent a Day with THE DOG WHISPERER (ft. @Cesar Millan)

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
  • I spent a day with Cesar Millan also known as the Dog Whisperer. One of the wisest people I've ever met who taught me the foundation of calmness. Enjoy!

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    For today's video we went over to the Dog Psychology Center to meet up with Cesar Millan. He taught us many things including how to be calm, how to love, and how to be joyous when we need to be. The rest of this description won't make sense as I try to favor the YouTube algorithm. Let's do this. 24 Hours at Dog Whisperer wins $10,000 but will it really because VidCon is about to come out and we need to stop the hackers from invading. Project Zorgo is a challenge and needs to be stopped. Our Challenge is to bottlecap them and do our best to hide and seek so they cannot find us. kawaii, entertainment, kawaii content will move forward as we roll the dice to obtain the Lego Giant Board Game Contest. Enjoy!

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