Saoirse Ronan Spent the Rest of Her Golden Globes Night in Her PJs



  • Only Ronan can look beautiful in that outfit..

  • Ka 27 4 months ago

    @Its Ali64xX he would! too!

  • Jazz Ip 5 months ago

    She basically brought a bag of garbage from the Golden Globes’s for the audience. Lol

  • Hania P 4 months ago

    and the fact ppl (this Nicole girl particularly) craved for it so much is even more surprising and embarrassing

  • Coldclearblue 5 months ago

    I looooove this girl. She’s completely different from all hollywood actresses out there

  • Reginald Workman 24 days ago

    She seems pretty cool and I don’t like actors in general. Hope she stays humble and down to earth as she appears to be now. Beautiful girl, and the accent, well hard to beat.

  • Saif Alam 1 months ago

    @Mountain Man what's wrong with Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Liz Sales 5 months ago

    She's the most adorable thief haha

  • Who Dat Ninja 5 months ago

    Liz Sales I love her so much

  • Demo Gorgon 5 months ago

    @James Quinn Get out idiot.

  • Aman 5 months ago

    The girl got happy and excited by getting a bag of junk and garbage from golden globes lol😅

  • Josh Allen 5 months ago

    Definitely American saying junk and garbage

  • mo arroz 5 months ago

    @Aman this video now exists. All she has to do is circle her picture etc...ppl will believe it. I doubt 10k worth though 😂😂😂😂

  • Ri Ranjo 5 months ago

    remember Lovely Bones? Yeaaahhh time flies fast

  • Rose 1 months ago

    Omg don’t even BRING that up. Stanley Tucci is too pure to be that terrifying.

  • Jhem Baruela 2 months ago

    Love that movie so much

  • wesh asawi 5 months ago

    Ellen rushed her bit 😐

  • ianioink 4 months ago

    if you watch enough ellen videos, you would know that andy ALWAYS rushes the interviews by wanting them to carry on. On some videos you'll see ellen even acknowledging andy on it.

  • Karla Castañeda 5 months ago

    "There's a spoon that was actually at the event that nobody uses cuz nobody eats there" 😂😂😂😂

  • Blurryface 28 5 months ago

    Her accent😍

  • Cian Flanagan 3 months ago

    @Demo Gorgon they know run

  • Ariana Callan 5 months ago

    Blurryface 28 Ireland 🇮🇪☘️

  • MusicBankTv 5 months ago

    Great accent. Watching from Nairobi KENYA