Binging with Babish: Banana Pudding Pizza from Doug

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Get a free 30-day trial of VRV when you go to Watch all your shows on-the-go without an internet connection!Doug Yancey Funnie was voiced by none other than Billy West - and now, if you think about Doug's voice, you can't help but hear Fry from Futurama. You're welcome. Unfortunately we're not trying out Honker Burgers or Mr. Sleech's Donuts; instead, follow along this week as we ruin some perfectly good pizza.Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: With Babish Website: With Babish Website: Podcasts:


  • Carlos979797
    Carlos979797 11 months ago+947

    Make cookies like squidwards mom used to make

  • slimkt
    slimkt 11 months ago+2575

    Pizza topped with banana pudding seems like something I'd think was an amazing idea while stoned.

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 11 months ago+536


  • j
    j 5 days ago+33

    wait wouldn't the logical step for an improved version be to go straight up dessert pizza and have strawberry compote or something instead of pizza sauce

  • lowewrestling1126
    lowewrestling1126 10 months ago+285

    Did you learn you were allergic to bananas in the Rachel's Trifle video?

  • Gavin
    Gavin 11 months ago+2708

    VRV, Squarespace, Skillshare, and Wix. The Four Horsemen of YouTube sponsorships.

  • just someguy
    just someguy 3 days ago+2

    I'm stoked to watch this! I used to put banana on my pizza because of this episode!

  • Arsse
    Arsse 6 days ago+9

    you cant have true banana pudding without vanilla wafers, but you're allergic so it's fine.

  • Antusj Gaming
    Antusj Gaming yesterday

    I only clicked this because I've been watching Doug on hulu

  • tony2000and10
    tony2000and10 7 days ago+25

    stop adding tomato sauce, make dessert pizza instead, with cheese and cream..

  • Omar Romero
    Omar Romero 11 months ago+1899

    Make the Peruvian puff pepper salsa from drake and josh!!!!!

  • Caitlin Giles
    Caitlin Giles 8 months ago+98

    Cheese jerky from Hannah Montana!

  • Alien
    Alien 14 hours ago

    Gonna be real, my tastebuds are ruined or something.
    As a man who regularly eats fried peanut-butter, banana, bacon, onion, and Red Hot sandwiches...I think this pizza looks insanely delicious.

  • XanderOnAutopilot

    After witnessing the horror that was banana pudding pizza, the episode was saved by them harmonizing at the end

  • jessica reed
    jessica reed 8 months ago+54

    Them singing that theme song sure did bring me back to the 90s

  • Alex Zummo
    Alex Zummo yesterday

    He should've topped a regular pizza with tostones

  • Gayngar420
    Gayngar420 10 months ago+294

    Omg the fact that you think that banana pudding is just vanilla pudding with bananas in it is so sad! Nilla wafers, and whipped cream are also vital ingredients!

  • Kad Xe
    Kad Xe 2 days ago

    You forgot the pineapple. Take it from a Swede. It's a disgusting combination.

  • Mr.Brine .Plays
    Mr.Brine .Plays yesterday

    Could’ve put more effort into it and it might’ve been good

  • Yasmin Garcia
    Yasmin Garcia 11 months ago+310

    Pineapple pizza lovers and haters must set aside our differences to defeat this evil