Binging with Babish: Banana Pudding Pizza from Doug

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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    Doug Yancey Funnie was voiced by none other than Billy West - and now, if you think about Doug's voice, you can't help but hear Fry from Futurama. You're welcome. Unfortunately we're not trying out Honker Burgers or Mr. Sleech's Donuts; instead, follow along this week as we ruin some perfectly good pizza.

    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • Strictly Strong
    Strictly Strong yesterday+1

    I call BS. You just happen to be allergic to bananas when its the grossest thing youve ever made on cam?

  • Christina Chavez
    Christina Chavez yesterday+1

    You did the theme song so cool!!

  • jessica reed
    jessica reed yesterday+1

    Them singing that theme song sure did bring me back to the 90s

  • Gold Coin
    Gold Coin yesterday

    I’m eating macaroni bacon pizza while watching this.

  • AngryChiaPet
    AngryChiaPet yesterday

    "It's one of the better-looking pizzas I've ever made and I just...fuckin...ruined it."
    You put yourself through so much pain for us, Babish, thank you so much. LOL!

  • Dylan Gardner
    Dylan Gardner 3 days ago+1

    allergic to bananas?
    you poor potassium-less thing, you.

  • Ace Jensen
    Ace Jensen 3 days ago+1

    Can you make fish fingers and custard from Doctor Who?

  • Miscritop
    Miscritop 4 days ago

    Atleast for me, you didn't place the "Good Pizza Crust" thing on the upper right corner

  • Kenneth Satria
    Kenneth Satria 4 days ago

    Hey we call those pisang tanduk I think

  • Deliana Escobari
    Deliana Escobari 6 days ago

    The last 30 seconds took me on a wild ride to my childhood. Thanks!

  • Flanagan Mazda
    Flanagan Mazda 7 days ago


  • Caitlin Giles
    Caitlin Giles 8 days ago+2

    Cheese jerky from Hannah Montana!

  • goodBEan
    goodBEan 9 days ago

    Well you are kinda off. On the show Roger messed up big time on the bana pudding recipe. If I recall correctly he was short on bananas and said something to affect of " I got it I will subtract # from everything". He finished the pudding, tried it, hatted it, tried to dump it and then you got the accident. I am thinking bad pudding wouldn't make much of a difference here.

  • ilikerhynos
    ilikerhynos 10 days ago

    For real now guys, here in Brazil there is a candy of sweet pizza where you make your dough unsalted, or you can add sugar to it, then to that pizza dough you will make Brigadeiro, Wich is basically condensed milk, butter and Coco powder (you can find the recipe on the internet), then you too the pizza with that shit and you add sliced bananas on top, bake that motherfucker up and i shit you not, you will have the best sweet pizza ever. (To be honest you can add any fruit on top of the Brigadeiro, stuff like strawberries would work great too)

  • Gencoil
    Gencoil 10 days ago

    You banana-on-pizza-hating crazies simply haven't elevated to a higher form of taste yet :P

  • jane sellers
    jane sellers 11 days ago

    That's gross as crap

  • Elomonelo
    Elomonelo 11 days ago

    6:10 Nostalgia Critic rants in the distance

  • Dc Ling
    Dc Ling 11 days ago

    Hey Babish what type of watch were you wearing in this Video?

  • mikeend
    mikeend 12 days ago

    Now make a honker burger and fries.

  • Ana Beatriz Monteiro

    You could make sweet pizza with banana, condensed milk and cinnamon