〈ITZY〉's debut song 'Different Different'♬ Knowing bros EP 188



  • Rian
    Rian 1 months ago+3882

    lia's hair😶😶😶😶how does she maintains long silky full hair like that

  • Dara Gastoñ
    Dara Gastoñ 1 months ago+3447

    Killing it girls! I'm a proud MIDZY!

  • morning_alarm_17이동민_
    morning_alarm_17이동민_ 1 months ago+2576

    Heechul being king of girl groups

  • fangurlling g
    fangurlling g 1 months ago+1498

    Lia is so beautiful and her hair is goal. JYP better give her shampoo cf

  • 니미
    니미 1 months ago+2335

    The shirt are too small for them, why their stylist don't want give them a bigger size

  • Infires and inspires
    Infires and inspires 1 months ago+1412

    I can’t get over Ryujin’s pink hair! She looks so cute and pretty😍😍💖💖

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai 1 months ago+932

    Omg lia's hair for goddamn sake😶😲

    TWICE I*ZONE ITZY IS LIFE 1 months ago+568

    Chaeryeong visual is not a joke sheez cant even take my eyes out on her😍

  • Sophia Micaela
    Sophia Micaela 1 months ago+677

    Imagine ITZY performing Dalla Dalla THAT CLOSE to you.
    🔥🔥 i would have fainted.

  • Lay your hands ONG me
    Lay your hands ONG me 1 months ago+257

    Omg! Lia's arm in the thumbnail tho. Shookt

  • taeil's jeomjeom bunuigi neun high high high high

    0:17 Lia be sweeping the floor with her gorgeous hair

  • Kpop Chen
    Kpop Chen 1 months ago+537

    Midzy are your ready for Itzy comeback. Icy concept for Queen Rookie girl group

  • Barbie Campano
    Barbie Campano 1 months ago+99

    Ryujin makes me want to have short hair. But then there's Lia, who makes me want to keep my long hair.

  • Shafa Tasya
    Shafa Tasya 1 months ago+158

    It’s so satisfying seeing lia’s hair while she’s dancing 😩

  • cherrybomb
    cherrybomb 1 months ago+177

    Why does lia’s arm look like its broken in the thumbnail?🤣

  • CC Castro
    CC Castro 1 months ago+420

    Wooh! Waiting for the full episode, patiently.

  • T.M.B Fanfics
    T.M.B Fanfics 1 months ago+225

    How many people can’t wait for ITZY’s comeback 😭💕💕💕💕
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  • Kpop Chen
    Kpop Chen 1 months ago+207

    When you can't really understand what they talked , because your international fan like the belly button if your agree.

  • Stan All Kpop Groups
    Stan All Kpop Groups 1 months ago+179

    They kill it theirs dance move never disappointed and they're so charming also the way Heechul dance to them xD

  • Aesthetic Cat
    Aesthetic Cat 1 months ago+23

    Lia is double jointed, her arm naturally does that in the thumbnail I don't understand why people are freaking out and saying ouch.