Trashed my car before making it on track...

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Call me Adam Lay Zee. Stupid me forgot I needed to put the truck on ramps to get the trailer at the right angle for my Z that is much lower than I remembered, haha!


  • Bryan Fernandes
    Bryan Fernandes 11 months ago+165

    All these people bashing Adam but he can always just not share these awkward moments. Love the real parts in these videos

  • TUS Ranga
    TUS Ranga 11 months ago+123

    Matt deserves some appreciation, my guy is a crazy driver

  • Touge
    Touge 11 months ago+204

    Lmfao buys massive expensive trailer treats it like jimmy treats his Saturn 😂😮

    EWAN NUTLEY 11 months ago+180

    Proud of "Chilled Adam" with the unloading scenario

  • SpIzE
    SpIzE 11 months ago+173

    last time I was this early adam only had one car

  • tdhk5000
    tdhk5000 11 months ago+97

    Married life “do not vlog and drive!” Immediately puts down camera😎

  • JDMLover
    JDMLover 11 months ago+187


  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd 11 months ago+127

    Oh well, I thought it was a missle not a drift princess.?

  • sean gardner
    sean gardner 11 months ago+237

    Ayyyyy Nicole's back

  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncan 11 months ago+38

    You, Taylor and Matt should form a drift team 🤔

  • Soldier of God Yoel Romero
    Soldier of God Yoel Romero 11 months ago+46

    The cars damage is not a problem but not the bloody trailer

  • Spool Life
    Spool Life 11 months ago+151

    Anyone else notice the sparks/flames from Adams car? Lol

  • Devon Chase
    Devon Chase 11 months ago+50

    Adams car turns into a Razer spark

  • ARingdinger250
    ARingdinger250 11 months ago+25

    Anyone else hear the sound of that whip crack at 13:05??

  • steven dahill
    steven dahill 11 months ago+44

    damit adam

  • Nic Jacobs
    Nic Jacobs 11 months ago+276

    Breaks expensive titanium Tomei exhaust and bumper and trailer all because he was too lazy to do it properly

  • Nate Dog0527
    Nate Dog0527 11 months ago+21

    And to think this all happened because of Adam getting a BMW you've come a long way adam much love from philly

  • krazzykarl1215
    krazzykarl1215 11 months ago+9

    we need more in pit footage at the track! Like if you agree!

  • Christopher Zapata
    Christopher Zapata 11 months ago+12

    “Most trustworthy person on earth”

  • Dylan Parton
    Dylan Parton 11 months ago+27

    Love all the cars. The S13 was looking more like a missile than the Z. WAS