• Published on:  12/6/2018
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  • Sarah Curtiss
    Sarah Curtiss 8 months ago+580

    I wish you had a caption feature. Im deaf and reading lips through youtube doesnt help much :(

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 8 months ago+328

    Hi Tati. It’s good that you are interested in ingredients, but please do not teach your subscribers that natural equals better. That is a huge misconception that lots of bloggers have pushed without having proper understanding of chemistry. I suggest you take a look at Lab Muffin Beauty Science. She has a PhD in chemistry and she talks about ingredients in beauty products. She debunks a lot of myths on her blog and youtube. Chemicals aren’t the enemy!

  • Isaac Persky
    Isaac Persky 8 months ago+917

    I just realized Tati doesn’t use background music! I love it! ❤️

  • Grace Sweaney
    Grace Sweaney 8 months ago+656

    I’m from Australia and we have a brand over here called “nude by nature”. It isn’t the cheapest and I would love to see a review from a person who hasn’t been surrounded by it their whole life. Also it is made of all native Australian ingredients. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaun Harpenden
    Shaun Harpenden 8 months ago+1274

    The answer is because they probably aren't paying people to talk about them.

  • __BraveBxldBeauty
    __BraveBxldBeauty 8 months ago+207

    Tbh I agree with Stellar beauty’s ideals. I am of Sri Lankan decent and I have a medium skin tone. But what no one realizes is that most of the time, brands do cater to our skin colour but the UNDERTONE IS ALWAYS WRONG. Don’t get me wrong, the darker skin tones definitely need more representation. However when a brand puts out something for your colour of skin but is a wrong undertone it’s like they didn’t care about you at all anyways.

  • Ashton Presley
    Ashton Presley 8 months ago+371

    It takes a lot for you to like a primer or concealer and you liked both so I'm pretty intrigued!

  • Robyn Williams
    Robyn Williams 8 months ago+393

    Thank you for coming out and saying you don't need to be all or nothing. 💗

  • Lisa Helling
    Lisa Helling 8 months ago+99

    I have had this foundation for about a year now and I like it! When I read that the foundation was catered towards medium-plus skintones I was here for it. I absolutely agree companies need to do a better job for deep and the very fair but I can attest that personally I often fall in no-man's land for foundation shades being half white & half black. I am deeper than traditional medium and don't quite shade match with anything in dark or deep shades.. As a biracial individual who sees more biracial relationships and thus children of mixed backgrounds I do feel it is important to have a company work to fill in the gaps where we have been missed. Overall though I love seeing a full range of colors from very fair to deep-dark so everyone can be included!

  • Natalie Bernal
    Natalie Bernal 8 months ago+227

    Because you actually review things for zero money in return which we adore xo thank you TATI can’t wait to try this brand !

  • Siera Day
    Siera Day 8 months ago+310

    So glad that people are talking about the crappy ingredients in some makeup brands. Yes, for toxic free ingredients. You can still make beautiful products without all the harmful chemicals. 🙏🙏🙏

  • ChocolatePumpkinCurlyGirl
    ChocolatePumpkinCurlyGirl 8 months ago+184

    Tati...I wear concealer,,,no foundation. Kind of the way you described. Do a video if you get a chance. XOXO'S

  • Eve
    Eve 8 months ago+151

    brown is your colour! Your brown shirt is everything!plus the brown smokey eye!🖤

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose 8 months ago+340

    why does nobody talk about neutrogena, almay, or rimmel? what about physicians formula other than butter bronzer? there are so many super accessible brands that beauty youtubers dont talk about and im so curious why...

  • The Cutts Family
    The Cutts Family 8 months ago+62

    My friend Cotton has been swearing by Steller foundation for awhile now. Glad your noticing them also. I also am a HUGE fan of health and wellness and learning about what is good for you. I also love natural oils and herbs and want to take some classes to learn more.

  • Tawnya Vandeventer
    Tawnya Vandeventer 8 months ago+16

    Im extremely pale and I genuinely can never find foundation that comes in a light enough shade for my skin in any line... companies need to work on the entire range of skin tones... light medium and dark please

  • Isabelle Genivueve Dubois
    Isabelle Genivueve Dubois 8 months ago+31

    Thanks Tati for the update. I've seen Stellar before but never knew of anyone who had used it. Looks like im going to have to buy some new products 😁, which always makes me happy ❣
    Lots of Love, Gracie💕

  • Janeen Totten
    Janeen Totten 8 months ago+826

    Hi Tati I know you love makeup so do I. Just wondering if you could do a clothing haul I just love your clothing?

  • trybesiman
    trybesiman 8 months ago+28

    I love tati but it's almost 2019 why do people still think parabens and mineral oil are bad for you? Wtf

  • ThePrettyElegance
    ThePrettyElegance 8 months ago+30

    Love the lip powder!