NEVER GO HITCHHIKING. | Reacting To Scary Horror Stories (SSS)



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    If you guys are down for SPOOKY SCARY SUNDAYS, SLICE that 'like' button! #SSS

  • Melted CheesyYT
    Melted CheesyYT 6 hours ago

    What an intro. o.o

  • Necco Smith
    Necco Smith 9 hours ago

    You okay if I can come to your house

  • INL4nd
    INL4nd  9 hours ago

    That movie he was watching was "A Clockwork Orange".

    MY WORLD 10 hours ago

    Gave me the hebejebes

  • Mark Patlan
    Mark Patlan 10 hours ago

    It the same guy just bloody

  • That Gemini Tho
    That Gemini Tho 11 hours ago


  • Chey Pohl
    Chey Pohl 11 hours ago

    my brother hates your videos and says to me why you even laghfing at him
    but i loves your viideos

  • Samantha Milton
    Samantha Milton 12 hours ago

    Hey bro how do you get some miny views?

  • Tristen Huffman
    Tristen Huffman 12 hours ago

    I'm on 5th season and on ep#18

  • Tristen Huffman
    Tristen Huffman 13 hours ago

    Is that theme from naruto???

  • Derrick Taque
    Derrick Taque 13 hours ago

    More like KKK

    JAYDEN THOM-DUCK 15 hours ago

    WHY MOMO JUST WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sky Tube
    Sky Tube 16 hours ago

    the first one confused me so he died anyway fishing at a different pond ???

  • Master gamer Juanito
    Master gamer Juanito 23 hours ago

    Or cory

  • Master gamer Juanito
    Master gamer Juanito 23 hours ago

    Cool Video Corl go to my house in january 2019 Philipines

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    LolzXkillz 8o8 yesterday

    Call an uber STOOPID

  • Amaiya Williams
    Amaiya Williams yesterday

    posted on my bday!

  • Winter Wolfly
    Winter Wolfly yesterday

    Bruh if that was my friend I would be like " When me and you go wrestling on gym, nope putmthese mitts on, and get ready to catch these hands. THESE HANDS ARE BISEXUAL!"

  • daniel hallman
    daniel hallman yesterday

    the ending of the old man at the pound is a Friday the 13th reference