what old spice didn't want you to see (FULL VIDEO)

  • Published on:  5/22/2019
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  • Chris p. bacon
    Chris p. bacon 2 months ago+433

    Old Spice, you gotta understand, that you can't just release the new Godzilla movie.

  • Timo Tamm
    Timo Tamm 2 months ago+450

    The practical effects, the miniatures, the wrestling.
    I love all of it, thank you

  • Mike Cheng
    Mike Cheng 2 months ago+413

    Still better ending than game of thrones

  • Balistic Tiger
    Balistic Tiger 2 months ago+339

    Old Spice always got the best commercials 😂

  • Cyber Daboss
    Cyber Daboss 2 months ago+263

    Moral of the story never put dangmattsmith near mythical prisoners

  • Andres Quogana
    Andres Quogana 2 months ago+230

    This is the pinnacle of what commercials should be. Amazingly done.

  • TTV_XXZoyaXX 831
    TTV_XXZoyaXX 831 2 months ago+93

    I don’t know what I just witnessed but it was worth my time

  • Zak Strife
    Zak Strife 2 months ago+217

    If a friend of you ask "Why are you subbed to Old Spice?" this must be the answer

  • SWDennis
    SWDennis 2 months ago+131

    That's just hilarious. :D
    Imagine getting paid to make such videos. These guys are living the dream.

  • Al Dente
    Al Dente 2 months ago+103

    The real song of ice and fire right here.

  • dodomir23
    dodomir23 2 months ago+182

    pacific rim 3 looks a lot better than the previous one

  • meshakh halahawi
    meshakh halahawi 2 months ago+51

    Godzilla vs King Kong leaked

  • Okey-Ness
    Okey-Ness 2 months ago+58

    Is this power rangers?

  • Karen 456789
    Karen 456789 2 months ago+57

    (Start watching)
    Oh hey dangmattsmith!
    Why he yelling?
    Im sure It'll explain 😂

  • Lobster Bisque
    Lobster Bisque 2 months ago+113

    I still think it needs more power

  • some random kid
    some random kid 2 months ago+40

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019)

  • Bohdan Herasymenko
    Bohdan Herasymenko 2 months ago+41

    Everyone did well!
    I like the camera work, the sounds, the effecs like camera shakes, even the scenario!
    I guess that's what unlimited pot looks like :D

  • sunny wong
    sunny wong 2 months ago+47

    Not even a whisper:
    Rotten Tomatoes: Not enough human drama!

  • _Alexandra_ _Black_Woods_
    _Alexandra_ _Black_Woods_ 2 months ago+33

    the new godzilla trailer looks good

  • Stark of Winterfell
    Stark of Winterfell 2 months ago+29

    Absurd and fantastic lmfao, I love this