One Month Old Baby Photoshoot!

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • I cannot believe our youngest is a month old. What's next? I'm in a retirement home?! I'm just kidding but wow this kid is growing at an alarming rate. What is in that milk? Jackson and Landon enjoy their surprise and Khoa is a weirdo who cries underwater. Enjoy!Bianca's Channel:'s Channel:'s Channel:'s Channel: Watch Tomorrow's Vlog, Click Subscribe 😁 Yesterday's Vlog: Link: kerenswansonKhoa: kuhwahhSHOP THIS VLOG:Keren's Vacuum Cleaner: super comfy Lovesac:'s Projector: backpack: GEAR:Canon g7x Mark II: 70D: Card: Tripod: Tripod: Hard drive:'s Pinterest: Inquiry: kkand_j@yahoo.comPO BOX 551 Windermere, FL 34786-0551*Some links may be affiliate


  • Anny
    Anny 11 months ago+338

    When she stood on the table I had to hold my breathe because It scared the shit out of me cause it looked like she was gonna fall

  • hope y
    hope y 11 months ago+183

    Did anyone else get anxiety when Keren stepped up on the table to take the picture?!

  • Madison Stump
    Madison Stump 11 months ago+321

    Who else thought Keren was gonna flip the table at 9:18 ?😂😂

    Senoli SANDANAYAKE 11 months ago+303

    literally feels like Sutton was born a day or two ago.

  • Caya
    Caya 11 months ago+749

    Khoa you can never say "goodmorning mister nay nay" too many times

    THE LYVE FAMILY 11 months ago+367

    All of a Sutton he was 1 month 😭❤

  • MiMi J Always
    MiMi J Always 11 months ago+186

    I wish I had their backyard as a kid!

  • Salad bag
    Salad bag 11 months ago+233

    When Karen stood on the table I had a mini heart attack I thought for sure it was going to flip xd

  • Rebecca Raziano
    Rebecca Raziano 11 months ago+454

    I love that Jackson always refers to himself as Jackson! Not like me or I! It’s the cutest thing ever!😂😂😂

  • Rebecca Raziano
    Rebecca Raziano 11 months ago+259

    They moved from Frozen to Moana and now to Wreck it Ralph! That’s a lot of great movies!😂😂😂

  • Taylor Anissa
    Taylor Anissa 11 months ago+122

    Anyone else thought how the golf cart was about to put lines in the grass??🤣😅

  • Tarini Mathur
    Tarini Mathur 11 months ago+114

    Where are the old Jacksonistas at?

  • Alexa Paige
    Alexa Paige 11 months ago+371

    Jackson’s so cute yelling about how he’s so excited about his surprise! 😩😍

  • MichelleandFamily
    MichelleandFamily 11 months ago+265

    “Surprise for Jackson” lol so cute.

  • Christina Marie
    Christina Marie 11 months ago+110

    Literally ran home from work to watch this video.. pretending it’s totally normal to feel so close to a family on the internet 😂❤️

  • C. Campbell
    C. Campbell 11 months ago+58

    I think it would be fun if you guys switch up the end slate! It would be cute to have a few different versions with the green screen idea :) like if you agree!!

  • CassandChaos
    CassandChaos 11 months ago+124

    Can't believe Sutton is already a month old!😭 We recently just found out we are expecting our third baby💚💚💚💚

  • hannah r
    hannah r 11 months ago+29

    did anyone else notice how precious the way jackson held onto khoa’s thigh on the golf cart was aw

    CEAIRA M GIVENS 11 months ago+34

    I’m gonna start a YouTube channel, get a bunch of subscribers, and then go to one of the conventions and bump into you guys where I can set off my sparkling personality and we can become besties 😂 see you in like 3 years! Hahah

  • Alex Ponti
    Alex Ponti 11 months ago+45

    Who else watches daily