High School Musical 2 - Gotta Go My Own Way (Lyrics) 720HD

  • Published on:  2/14/2016
  • High School Musical 2 - Gotta Go My Own Way (Lyrics) 720HD


  • Magic Marvel
    Magic Marvel 2 months ago+4579

    I tried singing both parts at the same time, nearly choked.

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner 3 months ago+8490

    Gabriella is my last brain cell and Troy is me during an exam

  • guppy
    guppy 1 months ago+1521

    i remember singing this song at 10 yrs old acting like someone broke my heart 😂

  • Lesly Senpai
    Lesly Senpai 2 months ago+5291

    No one:
    Me breaking up with my nonexistent boyfriend:

  • Hearts in Disneyworld
    Hearts in Disneyworld 2 months ago+3120

    Zac Efron should NOT be ashamed of High School Musical.

  • Ramendowza
    Ramendowza 1 months ago+2665

    Who's here July 2019??? 😂 Nostalgic af 😭

  • Katie Y
    Katie Y 2 months ago+1697

    It’s funny how 10 years later we all come back at the same time to try to remember the good old days of our childhood

  • Ezra May Aringay
    Ezra May Aringay 3 months ago+1587

    I'm gonna say it...this is the best acted scene in the entire trilogy. Iconic.

  • xLulukins
    xLulukins 2 months ago+1179

    Snapchat filter lets me be both parts now lmao

  • E.S. Xoxo
    E.S. Xoxo 1 months ago+188

    As an 8 year old I didn‘t realize she was breaking up with him.. just thought she‘s going home and quitting the job lol

  • jem shy
    jem shy 3 months ago+1277

    childhood me: cried every time i watched this part
    me now: still cries with all the feels from this song
    edit: thx for the likes guys 🥰

  • Donutzz
    Donutzz 2 months ago+631

    This is just a way too dramatic for just quitting a summer job

  • Jordan Dima
    Jordan Dima 5 months ago+8931

    Are You missing your childhood like me? Press a like

  • Charlotte Amoss
    Charlotte Amoss 2 months ago+368

    She has one of these songs in every movie.
    HSM1: When There Was Me and You
    HSM2: Gotta Go My Own Way
    HSM3: Walk Away

  • Libby Faith
    Libby Faith 2 months ago+564

    me, 7 years old, not even knowing what heartbreak is: WE MIGHT FIND A PLACE IN THIS WORLD SOME DAYYYYYYY

  • oliver ventura
    oliver ventura 3 months ago+1018

    First day of May 2019. Still a fan, missing those days!
    Wildcats, chaaarrrrr😂

  • Serena11xoxo
    Serena11xoxo 14 days ago+95

    Who’s here August 2019, reminiscing about the good old days 😂

  • Lin
    Lin 3 months ago+687

    it bothers me how hard this song hits me

  • Victoriana Boyd
    Victoriana Boyd 2 months ago+225

    Okay but you see how strong this character is, putting herself and the reality first. Understanding that things need to change

  • Ella Haverstock
    Ella Haverstock 1 months ago+356

    Gabriella: what about trust?
    Me and Troy: DaMn, ShE sNaPpEd
    (How did we all go back to this video at the same time?)